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James Elliott

Discoveries and a dramatic change of heart in Essen

Make no mistake Techno Classica in Essen is a massive slog. One day (which is all I had) is nowhere near enough time to see it, the shoes comfortable...

Malcolm Thorne

Classic car wanted: Thorne’s search gets under way

Having recently returned to the UK after many years abroad, I find myself in a strange and disconcerting situation – I’m currently without classic...

Greg MacLeman


Braving the weather bomb

It's getting to that time of year when the tabloids begin to warn us that world-ending snowstorms are heading straight for the UK, and that travel...

James Page

The return of a famous name

  David Brabham’s decision to follow his illustrious father in a career as a racing driver brought its own pressure and expectation, but you’ve...

Tony Baker


Goodbye, and good riddance

Tony Baker celebrates the demise of the humble tax disc. So, it’s farewell to the tax disc, those annoying little white blobs on windscreens that...

Martin Port


"There's a special place in my garage, and it needs to be filled," says Port

In my defence, I’ve not had an obsession for a while. Okay, so those that know me may argue that I am constantly obsessed with anything old, has...

Alastair Clements


Even commercials look chic when on show in the French capital

Swooping Figoni et Falaschi-bodied beauties or obscure techno-marvel Gallic classics are regular features of Rétromobile, the annual Parisian...

Russell Campbell


Campbell drives his first ‘proper classic’ – an Austin Seven

The day began as it does on any occasion that I’m released from the office, feasting on a breakfast of disorganisation before haring down the...

Mick Walsh


Getting under the skin of Goodwood while others just clink champagne flutes

One of the many perks of working on Classic & Sports Car is an invite to the Goodwood Press day every March. Most public events can only dream...

Martin Buckley


Looking for a last-minute stocking filler? Then try this

My recent reading, the Gentleman's Guide to Motoring, is a quirky book by Vic Darkwood that looks like an excellent stocking filler if you can get it...

David Evans


All aboard the gravy train - the occasional perks of a journo's job

Every so often, thanks to our privileged position as the press, we get invited on what’s known as “a good jolly”. In my (dim and distant) past life...

Graeme Hurst


The day Hurst's Mini was admired by a monarch

It’s a bit of a bonus having dual nationality (in my case native South African and naturalised British) because it’s all too easy to enjoy the best...

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