Annual Beaulieu pilgrimage pays dividends

| 24 Jun 2012

As usual, I couldn't keep away from the Beaulieu Spring Autojumble.

This year we decided to save money and camp, which at least off set the fuel costs of getting there from Cirencester in the blue Range Rover.

We only got a couple of hours in on Saturday, but that was enough to bag three 1960s Alfa dealer posters for the 1750 saloon and the 2600 Sprint. And they pretty much cleared me out of all the money I had intended to spend.

I did find another fiver for a Grand Prix album of racing car sounds and interviews with Graham Hill, John Frankenheimer and commentary by Phil Hill.

We had a great evening with Nick Kisch, Giles Chapman, Gary Axon and a lovely fella whose name I don't recall, but I do remember only that he once owned a Hillman Minx that appeared in a film with Faye Dunaway called Flick. His car even featured in the poster.

We had a surprisingly comfortable night under canvas snuggled next to the Range Rover and I got a good head start on the stalls the next day.

I soon found what I had been looking for all my life but didn't know it – a Ford Capri pedal car.

Later I found another album cover for the mill and a late-1960s French board-game of match-the-front-and-back.

I did the Sodbury Sort-out in search of Range Rover bits to finish off my beige 1974 two-door, but all I found was a sonic-controlled Range Rover model still in its box. It won't get the resto much further, but looks good on the shelf.