Christmas reads and planning more purchases

| 15 Dec 2011

The struggle with my 1967 Merc 300SE continues – hopefully one day it'll look like the one above – but we think we have nailed the problem down to lazy/dead injectors. There’s a new fuel pump on the car at the tank end so, assuming the distribution unit is doing its job and the timing is fairly close, it can only be the injectors – can't it?

I got a mixed response when I asked if anyone had any; ‘Retro Dave’ in Leeds said no, but that you can have them refurbished. Anyone got any ideas for that? Meanwhile, mechanic John has gone off in his motorhome to Spain to escape Christmas – but at least he’s left the injectors with Redex in them, hopefully eating into the supposed crud that is stopping them working. We’ll see.

I’ve been reading a book called Ken Purdey’s Book of Automobiles, the collected writing of an American journalist who I vaguely associated with car features in girly magazines. Sure enough, he seems to have been car writer in residence at Playboy. He had a nice fruity turn of phrase and would have been a good read even for someone with a passing interest in cars – a good attribute when you are writing stuff for Playboy – with as much as you might ever want to know about the mystique of Bugatti, why Ferraris are cool, and why German cars are so good.

Purdey wrote several paragraphs about why he thought the BMW 2800 CS was probably the best car in the world circa 1970 and the book includes probably the finest interview I’ve ever read with Stirling Moss, with whom he appears to have been good buddies.

Anyway it's giving me some light relieve from the density of James Ellroy (Blood's a River) and an Encyclopaedia of Morrissey (Mozipedia).

I also met up with Nicholas Margerison on Tuesday and talked about a plan to repatriate a two-door Range Rover from Italy (with fantasies of the journey looking something like the above), plus got a nice package from America courtesy of writer and Mercedes freak Reed Hitchcock. It contained all of his Mercedes 600/M100 notes from his days editing Lode Star, magazine of The International M-100 Group. Looking forward to getting stuck into that.