Collecting vinyl and stripping caravans

| 27 Jan 2012

Spent a blissful afternoon clearing my desk at the mill. With broadband installed, I searched YouTube and found a full version of the Callan film someone had helpfully uploaded and I watched it as I pottered about with scraps of paper, filing magazines and books etc. Amazing how such a simple activity can seem like a kind of paradise on earth.

I'm still looking for car-related album covers from the 1960s and '70s having been inspired by Jacques Petit’s excellent book Cars on Vinyl. I’ve even got a few that have escaped him like Ten of the Best From Dickie Rock with the man himself stood proudly by his Corvair Monza and a Roy Budd album with Roy and his Lotus Europa. Now I've got them, I really need to find a better way of displaying these things.

Around at my friend John Antonaki’s place in Edmonton there was the chance to look at some more of his 'specialist' videos including the charming BP short Home Made Car that the BBC used to put on in the 1970s to test the new colour system. There was also a set of films the GPO made in the 1930s in the same series as Night Mail.

We watched one about Post Office vehicles from 1937 that showed the development of the road system in Britain. It seems they were pretty congested even in the 1930s in some places. We fast-forwarded through an extraordinary late-'60s very soft porn film about a young man driving an E-type down the Kings Road (a 3.8 flat floor with 'lips' painted on the air intake) and his fantasy world of 'dolly bird' conquests. I don’t know where he digs this stuff out from.

I'm still having trouble getting anyone to take these NSU Ro80 spares... even as a free gift. I’m loath to let the scrap man have the hoard, but, having said that, I do have plenty of scrap he is welcome to at the right price, including a seized Fulvia engine and various bits off a Airstream caravan my friend Steve is converting into a burger van (or something).

Have you ever looked at one of these things? It’s so heavy it wrecked the gearbox of the Volvo estate that delivered it and the original 1971 interior (now ripped out) had a kind of serial killer's motel room vibe about it. It is probably the only acceptable caravan, but still I loath it. Steve, however, has very adequately placated me by donating a lovely set of IKEA shelf units for my overspill magazines to live on.