Dreams of playing Action Man lead to eBay temptation


Author: Martin BuckleyPublished:

I can’t get two-door Range Rovers out of my mind, to the extent that last weekend I bought a Land Rover magazine.

The next morning I went on to eBay and almost immediately stumbled across a two-door up for auction with an hour to go. Suddenly I was the
high bidder at £700. This was before I’d even read the description or found out where the thing was. The write up was literate and reasonable. But, sadly, the car was in Dumfries… Hmmm... OK.

It was time to pop out for an hour and have a nervous lunch while mulling over the pros and cons of Range Rover ownership. Love the shape, the sound, the 1970s action man image (ever seen Callan?) and the fact that it’s so much more acceptable than any other 4x4. Yeah, I wanted it. This was my moment… I returned, however, to find that I had been handsomely outbid to the tune of £1700.

It needed some welding and a tidy up, but it didn’t look an unreasonable car in dark green. A further perusal of the net revealed a really very smart one on offer for £4k, though I experienced a rare moment of clarity that basically amounted to ‘buy the best you can afford’ - because in the long run (or even the short run)it will be cheaper.

One of the reasons for this Range Rover fetish rearing its head again was the possibility of the Jaguar XJ-S finding a new home. I’d almost reconciled myself to hanging on to it, and was happy enough to do so, until a buyer from Cyprus popped up and has begged me not to sell it to anyone else.



Now, you see, I'm planning on going the other way - I've had a few RR's and now I plan on getting an xj-s..........well if you've had the V8, you might as well go for the V12 :)

Cha tig an aois leis fhein - Age does not come alone


Classic Land Rovers have a unique flare on its body shell. The box shaped corners greatly suites the design of the vehicle. The Truck Tail Lights still retains its classic looks despite being design with modern touch with today's vehicle.

Lancia 2000 Coupe

Hello Martin,

By means of introduction - used to own the dark blue 2000 Pininfarina Coupe that passed though your hands (NNV 330M) - back in 1986 to 1989 - it was a really lovely car (I won an LMC Concours with it in Cambridgeshire somewhere). I replaced it with a Gamma Coupe!

I sympathise with your frustration in finding an early two-door - they have gone big time in the last two or thee years - check out Graeme Hunt's web-site. I've had a selection of early four-doors over recent years - and must say the, in the right colour - they make a pretty evocavtive (of the 80s that is!) alternative. The later, four-speed automatic certainly does transform the driving/cruising ability. I've used them daily for business and weekends - and never had more than 18mpg out of an any of them however.

Your list of 'wagon' alternatives is pretty similar too - I had a W124 300TE 4Matic - and found rather dull (and thirsty) - here are a few daily-driver suggestions:

BMW 2000 Touring (too small?)
Citroen DS or CX Safari (too big?)
Ford Granada (first one - bit low rent?)
Humber Sceptre (last one - perhaps not?)
Peugeot 504 (must all be dead?)
Saab 99 Combi or 900 (too small?)
Triumph 2.5Pi or 2500 (I think this may be an option?)

Kind Regards

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