'Modern' Merc is Buckley's latest ridiculously cheap smoker

| 18 Sep 2012

I know it’s rather letting the side down but as a ‘smoker’ I have just bought a Mercedes W210 300 Turbo Diesel with tax and ticket for absurdly little money.

I remember I quite liked this shape when it came out because of the sloping headlamps, but it seemed to date quickly and it will always be the Mercedes that reintroduced rust into the equation; you may recall there were lots of warranty claims when the water-based paint started falling off some of them.

But this one is nearly rust free, has leather and air-con (it needs a re-charge inevitably) five speed automatic gearbox and all the rest of it. Plus, other than the spivvy lowered suspension and AMG wheels, it looks pretty smart and goes well.

Tomorrow we will be making a trip to Gloucestershire Mercedes breaker SL Pagoda to get a switch for the heater blower.

What made me smile was the reaction it got when I took it to my local Albanian car wash across the road.

They always greet me with a smile and are somewhat bemused by my usual cars (‘Hey boss: why you only drive old car?’) but the silver 300 Turbo Diesel was thoroughly approved of, even lusted after... here’s a vehicle with performance and economy you can aspire to and if you are 25 years old and it’s probably a kind of classic.

They even bid me on it, but it's worth more to me as an everyday barge and possible tow car to replace the faithful Skoda Octavia TDi. Anyway enough of this ‘modern’ rubbish...