NSU man Buckley admits defeat

| 21 Oct 2011

One of the great banes of my existence is a huge cache of NSU R080 parts that I neither feel I can throw into a skip nor make use of, even if I live to be 120.

The hoard includes dozens of rear lights, body panels, trim, instrument glass, headlights – loads of headlights – and lots, lots more. Much of it is made up of curious abstract pieces I truly couldn’t identify.

I’m pretty certain that very few of the parts fit anything else. All great stuff, but not much of it seems to be of use to me at the present time and I rarely find anything I actually need – such as, say, centre caps for the alloy wheels on my orange car (below). I don’t even seem to be able to give them away, but I do need sift out this lot somehow.

I look at the pile and I get visions of my own mortality... my children being left with the task of chucking it all away, wondering: ‘Why did the silly old goat hang on to this lot?’

That would be a fair point to make. Does anyone care about these cars any longer? If my hoard of parts were for all almost anything else, I can’t help thinking I’d have people queuing around the block wanting to buy them.

But because they’re not Beetle-related or from some silly surfer bus or a Porsche, I feel I might as well be creating a museum of scrap, carting around boxes of things nobody will ever need for years.

I’ve made one upstairs room a dedicated NSU shrine, with various bits hanging precariously off the plasterboard walls on nails. Sneeze, and the whole lot might come down.

Anyway, some of it needs to go and I will literally GIVE anyone who turns up with a van the stuff I don’t want. Don’t all rush forward at once.