Good evening, bienvenue, wilkommen, the votes from the C&SC jury are...

| 30 Sep 2011

“Oi! Mate! Haven’t you decided what colour to paint it yet then?” The shout came from behind me while I was kneeling down at the petrol station, cursing my inaccurate filling technique as unleaded gushed on to the back bumper of the Scimitar.

Unfairly, I presumed that it was some quick-witted ‘clever’ fellow [you mean "smarta**e" don't you? – Ed]  making an observation about the state of the Reliant’s multi-coloured outer skin, but, as the chap walked over and continued talking, I realised that it was a genuine enquiry.

“I’ve seen the car on the website and driving up the motorway. Any idea what colour yet?” It transpired that the C&SC reader also owned a Scimitar and had chosen to paint it a modern Ford colour. At least he had chosen a colour. And that, at the time, was more than I could say for my '70s chunk of plastic.

Visitors to this website have posted their suggestions – ranging from a Plymouth Road Runner-inspired paint job to “something which suits the car’s personality: brown”. Bit harsh that one I thought, yet everything I seemed to mock-up just didn’t look right.

For a while, period-correct Highland Purple was top of the list, but concerns bubbled up that it would look too dark in the wrong light. I dabbled with lime green, but, no matter how badly I wanted a Stratos or Miura, a coat of paint just wouldn’t push the Scimitar’s tranformation far enough in the right direction.

So, after many hours poring over paint charts, I am ready to announce the final decision. It’s been a long, hard process, but I’m finally there – the Scimitar will be repainted in, drum roll please, yellow.

Yes, try as I might, I have to concede that the originally April Yellow car will probably look best if it is returned to its former glory. Now all I need to do is choose which bit of yellow on the car is the right one…