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“Oi! Mate! Haven’t you decided what colour to paint it yet then?” The shout came from behind me while I was kneeling down at the petrol station, cursing my inaccurate filling technique as unleaded gushed on to the back bumper of the Scimitar.

Unfairly, I presumed that it was some quick-witted ‘clever’ fellow [you mean "smarta**e" don't you? – Ed]  making an observation about the state of the Reliant’s multi-coloured outer skin, but, as the chap walked over and continued talking, I realised that it was a genuine enquiry.

“I’ve seen the car on the website and driving up the motorway. Any idea what colour yet?” It transpired that the C&SC reader also owned a Scimitar and had chosen to paint it a modern Ford colour. At least he had chosen a colour. And that, at the time, was more than I could say for my '70s chunk of plastic.

Visitors to this website have posted their suggestions – ranging from a Plymouth Road Runner-inspired paint job to “something which suits the car’s personality: brown”. Bit harsh that one I thought, yet everything I seemed to mock-up just didn’t look right.

For a while, period-correct Highland Purple was top of the list, but concerns bubbled up that it would look too dark in the wrong light. I dabbled with lime green, but, no matter how badly I wanted a Stratos or Miura, a coat of paint just wouldn’t push the Scimitar’s tranformation far enough in the right direction.

So, after many hours poring over paint charts, I am ready to announce the final decision. It’s been a long, hard process, but I’m finally there – the Scimitar will be repainted in, drum roll please, yellow.

Yes, try as I might, I have to concede that the originally April Yellow car will probably look best if it is returned to its former glory. Now all I need to do is choose which bit of yellow on the car is the right one…



Awesome choice, if you have to have a 'dodgy' colour it has to be yellow, like my GTM.


David Banes
Simon Fairweather

Not many cars can get away with yellow - TR6's look ok - It has to be something with the style/era that cars were produced in such colours? I think the Scimitar will look good too.

V-8 Woodie

I've seen a few Scimitars with metallic paint jobs, light metallic green or ice blue seemed to work well, however, if you are going to keep it yellow and you're not fussed about keeping to the original factory colour then may I suggest Fiat's 'Positano Yellow' which adorned some of their late 60's early '70s models, take a gander at the Fiat 124 Sport Coupe in that colour, wonderful! Happy painting!


Personally, I think I'd prefer the orange in the brochure shot above. Here's a rather fab light green I've found on Flickr:


Renault Liquid yellow might be worth a look:


How about gold? There was a period Ford colour that looks good on classics - like my 1750 GTV :-)

Andrew Stevens


gold metallic with sidepipes!

keep 'em rolling !

Fylde Scimitars

Got to be yellow.
Three yellow Se5s meet regulary up north in the lakes along with a number of other scimitars. 3 yellow cars went to the Classic Le Mans last year.
Join us next year.........Tempting eh......
Already planned and sorted.


I wonder if these cars have Air Suspension that time. This are the pony area of American Automotive with large engines and extreme horsepower.


This timeless British beauty's super-smooth 'six' or torquey 'four' make the big Healey a great classic.
Arthur Lismer

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