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As classic car owners, we are probably all used to the simple act of kindness from fellow owners that has helped us out over the years: a straightforward push to the side of the road when things have gone awry, some help with the diagnosis, a lift to a local garage or petrol station, or even just a bit of like-minded company until a recovery truck arrives.

Now and again however, people go above and beyond the call of duty and exceed all expectations. This happened to me when I announced my intention to make a 'flying visit' to Blackpool to collect the freshly painted Scimitar (except the engine bay, which I am keen to black myself).

Out of the blue, I received a message from a fellow owner in Lancashire who announced that himself and a couple of other chaps would be taking the day off work and pitching up to help me carry out the essential parts of the re-fit so I could hit the M6 at a reasonable hour for a Friday afternoon.

My initial reaction was one of "don’t worry – thanks, but it will be fine". After all, the ONLY things I had to do before loading up the trailer were to fit the windscreen, slot in the rear windows and bolt the doors in place. Simple. I thought it would be rather nice to have a bit of company and support in addition to those in the paint shop though, and so didn’t refuse their kind offer.

And I'm glad I didn’t. As it turned out, I underestimated the 'simple' jobs and have no qualms in admitting that until the gents from the South Lakes’ Noggineers arrived, I was faffing like a South African choosing from a Biltong menu.

They came in, took charge and directed the re-fit admirably. It is not overstating the situation to say that had they not turned up, the car would not have been on the trailer back south that day, or, if it did, it would be very wet inside due to the lack of glass. And doors. And tailgate.

They asked for nothing in return, even helped out by bringing replacement bits for those that I had broken along the way and stayed right until the Scimitar was on the trailer. Hell, one of them even strapped it down for me to ensure that it was properly safe! Above all, their attitude and spirit meant that despite a 460-mile round trip that started at 5am, the day was actually fun. A similar sense of humour and a shared enthusiasm for an odd plastic car from Tamworth meant that there were laughs aplenty even while the serious stuff was going on.

So my huge thanks go to Dave Palfreyman and Keith Smith, but especially to Dave Clarke who originally got in touch and spearheaded the operation throughout the day. They all went to great lengths to ensure that a fellow owner and enthusiast had a successful day and proved that human kindness is alive and well in our hobby.



That is absolutley the sort of kindness that is mostly only offered from 'old school' enthusiasts-Brilliant!


Great to hear.
Tell you what though, that yellow one looks good doesn't it?! ;)


So now we know the colour! But is it a stock manufacturer's colour? Late '70s Ford, perhaps??


If that is a Ford colour I would guess Olympic blue which was from earlier, 1973 to '74 ish. Looks good though. So what colour is the interior, and the choice of wheels will be critical, Miniltes would look good, but how about a set of Revolutions for the total seventies look?


My initial thought was indeed Olympic Blue (Oh Lord, please send me a Mk1 RS2000 in Olympic Blue), but it looked more like Riviera Blue in the pic.

On the other hand, did Mr Port's dalliance with the Porsche 912 leave him all misty-eyed in a Gulf Blue sort of way?

As for the wheels he wouldn't - surely, he couldn't - be tempted by a set of Wolfrace slot mags. Could he?

Martin Port

It is indeed Ford Olympic Blue. Chosen because it is period correct and still has a Reliant link as they offered it on the later GTC I believe. Apart from that, I chose it because I love the colour. Okay, so it is a little bit similar to the Crystal Blue of my old Porsche 912, but it's suitably different (and brighter) to stand up on it's own I think.

DUESIE - the interior is originally tan but I am in the process of changing it to black which looks much better with the blue. Wheels are going to remain the original Dunlop composites but will be treated to a refurb as soon as I finish the interior retrim. I must say, I'm not against Wolfrace rims, but I don't think they are the right choice for this car and colour.

Art Editor, C&SC

Fylde Scimitars

It was our pleasure to come and help. Dave,keith and me had a great time and would have done it for anyone.
We did it for Lees car-a very bright orange one- and my yellow one in the background shot has had work done on site.
Glad you found the mirror and look forward to seeing the interior and engine done.

Dave Clarke


Sounds like a good gang to be in with. You have all done a good job so far, love that colour on that shape, and can't wait to see the finished car now. As for the wheels, I appreciate keeping the Dunlops for originality but I was never a fan of the looks. Try them on when they are cleaned up and post another photo. Then we can have another reader's debate like the what colour question a few weeks ago. Wolfies were a bit too obvious seventies, like Minilites before them, which is why I would choose Revolutions. Then of course knock-off wire wheels were an option on the ealier sixties Scimitar coupe weren't they? So maybe an old set with hubs could be sourced? Or cheat with bolt-on wires? Just getting carried away with my new fantasy project. You go your own way. Keep us posted.

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