Working at C&SC: what it’s all about.

| 28 Apr 2012

So it’s been three weeks since the poor folks at Classic & Sports Car were inflicted with my presence and so far so good. Well, I’m still here!

I can’t tell you what the other esteemed members of the C&SC team think about my work – and that’s no doubt for the best – but I can tell you how my first few weeks have panned out for me.

Perfect would be the answer. To be part of an institution like this mag, with attention to detail that’s second to none, is truly an honour.

But of course, the reason we’re all here is you, our valued readers. It is you that have made the biggest impression on me and have helped me to understand what working for C&SC’s all about.  Thank our report on Drive It Day for that.

I’ve realised that the classic car world is as much about camaraderie with your fellow enthusiasts, laughs and jokes and individual expertise, as it is about the cars themselves. That’s why my modern four-wheeler is off to a new home tomorrow and I’ll be buying my own classic.

And, as we wade further into the automotive quandary that is electric cars, hybrids, range extenders and style-sacrificing safety features, I find myself being more and more turned off. Almost like Fred Dibnah with his beloved steam engines: I don’t want to move on.

Luckily for us, real cars have got a bit to go yet and as long as you keep reading our magazine, so do we.

So, having spent the past 10 years clowning around (my father’s words not mine),  spending my uni time working in bars and my free time drinking in them, swapping courses like stickers before ultimately walking out on them, somehow I find myself doing the job I always wanted.

Thanks for having me and keep reading!