1947 Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 by Carrozzeria Ghia, winner of its class at Villa d’Este Concours! (1947)




- Extremely unique car, 1 of only 4 examples built
- Only 2 examples existing
- Restored on extremely high level at Premium Cars in Italy
- Winner of its class at Villa d’Este Concours
- Full of extremely impressive details
The history of the Alfa Romeo 6C family starts with the 6C 1500 from 1927 and ends with the 6C 3000 race cars.
In between, there has been a very wide variation of models.
Different wheelbases, varying coach builders, and both race cars and comfortable large tourers characterize this fact.
One of the most quaint bodies was designed by Mario Felice Boano who was by that time working for Ghia.
Designs like the extraordinary Volkswagen Karmann Ghia and the beautiful Lancia Aurelia GT are also from his hands even as this very impressive Alfa 6C.
The first impression of the front of this Alfa is food for thought, as even educated guesses may not tell that this car is an Alfa Romeo.
The design of this amazing car is very distinctive. The handmade glass headlight covers are impressively well integrated into the shape of the aluminium body even as the underlining details on the body.
A characteristic Alfa Romeo radiator grille lacks; the small air intake openings give this model, -barely post war-, a modern look.
The “trafficators” in the side screens betray its age. The bumpers are beautifully integrated in the design of the car, which is a very good reason not to use it as an actual bumper. There are even no rubbers between the bumper and the body which gives you an idea how impressively well this car has been designed as well as restored.
The side of the car shows the beautiful forties lines of a large luxury car – the most expensive car for sale in Italy at that moment.
Small letters show that Ghia is responsible for its lines and details. On the rear side, most striking are the faired-in tail lights.
Depending on the kind of car enthousiast you are, you’ll be either looking at the gorgeous exterior or at the interoir while driving. Not only its pearl grey body with its never-ending story telling details draw you attention.
Sitting on its red leather seats you overlook a large steering wheel matching perfectly with the blinking red instrumentally, chromed dashboard details, knobs, and clocks.
Not only the outside tells you a fascinating story about the co-operation between Alfa Romeo and Ghia, behind the wheel you will also be mentioned of its characteristic design.
To give you a short idea about the overall condition of the Alfa, the car won the Gentleman’s Sports Cars category of the Villa d’Este Concours of 2012.
Actually we have already started to give an explanation about this specific car in the paragraph above as this car is quite more unique then any other car we currently have for sale, but amongst the details shown above, this specific example is the last one from a series of four examples bodied by Ghia, which were all delivered in Rome.
All of these cars were right hand drive, which was very common in Italy by that time, because of the small, dangerous mountain roads.
The pearl grey body and red interior were restored to their original colors by Quality Cars of Padova approximately ten years ago.
This 6C by Ghia is 1 of just 2 examples which are known to be still existing and the only example in Europe.
Isn’t it surprising the two other cars were lost, despite their special heritage?
Over the years, we have seen quite a lot of classic cars, both restored as well as original but this is absolutely an example which is probably the most unique condition wise.
Unfortunately we did not know the company who fulfilled the restoration in Italy. It is Quality Cars of Padova but 2 of our well respected customers recognized the Alfa as this car was restored by the company where their Pebble Beach as well as Villa D’este Concours cars were restored.
Both gentlemen’s have an extremely impressive collection with cars we can only dream about and the condition of them is impossible to describe as the quality is soo high.
This specific Alfa has been restored approximately 10 years ago and the condition is absolutely amazing and it seems as the restoration has been finished yesterday.
The body is absolutely stunning even as the chrome. A special note to the bumpers which are perfectly made onto the body without a centimeter difference as well as without the use of any rubber. Have you ever seen that?
The windows are excellent without any scratch or stone chip of other unpleasant detail.
Under the wheel covers one can find wire wheels which are as new as well off-course and painted in black.
If one takes of the covers the car is changing immediately it’s looks and becomes a completely different car to look at.
Actually we can keep on writing about all sorts of details on this car as every single part of the car has something unique, but 1 detail needs to be specifically described being the I from Italy on the boot.
We have been surprised and impressed about this small detail and the way it is implemented in the body but last week when we took the Alfa for a tour in the night we found out that a light was installed.
Amazing isn’t it?
Step in the car and experience its overwhelmingly detailed dashboard. Not only the outside tells you how special this car is, the interior is designed to do just 1 thing. Impress the driver and it’s passengers.
The dashboard shows an unorthodox layed out speedometer and a tachometer in the same style, enclosing two odd shaped meters for time and oil temperature.
The interior is both extremely luxurious as well as simple but again full of details.
Just as an example on both doors there is a chrome strip, not an ordinary simple example but a strip with very small waves which can only be seen if one looks very close.
Another impressive detail is the leather strap where the passengers can hold themselves, this is not an ordinary but a thing leather special designed one.
When the key of the Alfa is turned, the engine starts easily and it become immediately clear that the engine is running very strong. 
The engine sound is as the looks of the car, very smoothly and as a perfectly tuned machine.
The seat position is typical for the age of this car and one feels itself King of the road.
The handling is impressive although the car looks and actually is very big. We have had a photoshoot in the city centre of Amsterdam where it was impressive how easy the car could be driven.
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  • Year: 1947
  • Doors: 2
  • Body type: Convertible
  • Transmission type: Manual
  • Fuel type: Petrol
  • Colour: White

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