"Super-Vantage" Volante X Pack 5SPD RSW Original 6.3L "Zagato" Engine 500BHP 1of 3.10YR WARRANTY Invoices of £300,000! 13,000 M (1988)




"Super-Vantage" Volante X Pack Manual. RS Williams Original own 6.3L “Zagato” Engine Vantage Volante Manual 500BHP 1 of 3 known Road Engines; effective Invoice values of works carried out, of nearly £300,000! 1980's Super Car with 10 Year Warranty! ONLY 13,000 MILES GUARANTEED SINCE NEW WITH FULL RS WILLIAMS & OFFICIAL ASTON DEALER HISTORY.

Just effectively re-purchased a car sold by us 36 Months ago, after undergoing a near £100,000 including VAT, equivalent AMW value Restoration by One of UK's Top Official Aston Martin Restorers, of the entire whole Chassis, including outer and inner sills and complete replacement or refurbishment of all undercarriage components.  Approximately 350 HOURS or so of Billed Man hours of Welding and Labour by one of the Top Official Aston Martin Dealerships in the World! With Parts and Material costs on top.

Car will now be resold by us with a Full 10 Year Body & Chassis Warranty and up to 5 Years on Engine & Drivetrain. (STC) An absolutely unprecedented Warranty for such an Old Aston, that no one else around the World can match! Any work ever needed in future for rectification, will be carried out by Official Aston Martin Dealership. So any Buyer Investor/Enthusiast, cannot really go wrong, as such. If car is from now on kept in an Air Chamber type Bag, or in a heated and/or Dehumidified Garage; it will in theory stay in this stunning fully restored condition for the next 40-50 Years or so! So probably a better inheritance to leave  your descendants, that they can appreciate in more ways than practically anything else, both in pleasure and increase in value.

This car has a genuine Original supplied R.S.Williams entire 6.3L engine including RSW Racing block. Not to be confused with the inferior 7 Litre conversion they offer now on existing 5.3 standard engines, or the lesser 6.3L conversion carried out by AMW for £72,000 on standard 5.3 Aston engines. Only 2 other Road cars are known to have this supplied and fitted by RS Williams; both rare & expensive Zagato models.

Guaranteed and confirmed in Service Book by RSW only 13,000 miles since NEW, and the fastest and most powerful Road-Going Vantage ever possible, with simply unbelievable brutal Manual Power! Have Original Invoices circa £220,000, majority from between 1990 to 1996 from RS Williams, AM Specialists and Official Aston Martin, etc, etc. A World-Famous previous Owner as well! Recent ones are "effectively" of about £70,000 odd are normal AMW rates.

Too many details to list, so please email for further detailed Information, if interested. Total Valuation of work ever done on this car will be in the region of £300,000! Quite Staggeringly Breathtaking really!

We Offer 1 Year 85% Buyback and/or 4-5 Year 100% "All your Money back", Buyback Guarantee (STC). This car should TRIPLE in value in the next 15 Years or so! Therefore we may even offer a "Double your Money back" Guarantee in 15-20 Years, if required.

Please register your interest, whether buying or selling. We Guarantee to Offer the Highest immediate genuine cash purchase price, than anyone else! Also we have several different Model Aston Martins coming soon, depending upon current negotiations; including LHD & RHD Original 1988 V8 Vantage Volante X Pack or POW with Manual and Automatic. So please Call.

Price inclusive of a comprehensive Unlimited Mileage 10 Year Chassis & Body Warranty, plus 3t to 5 Yr Mechanical, (engine, drivetrain, etc), Warranty, with any work carried out by one of the Oldest Official Aston Martin Dealerships!
Price inclusive of a meticulous complete Chassis Restoration, with completely renovated like new, whole underside Chassis, floor pans, components, suspension, brakes, etc, etc. With a comprehensive Unlimited Mileage 10 Year Body & Chassis Warranty plus a 5 Yr Mechanical Warranty, (engine, drivetrain, etc).
Please note, that Aston Martin Works will charge £70,000 to £80,000 including vat to replicate the Work recently carried out!
RS Williams & Aston Works Invoices totalling circa £220,000 upto 1995/6! Then recently effectively £70,000- £80,000 odd value of Chassis & undercarriage renovation.TO CREATE THE "SUPER-VANTAGE" WAS R.S.WILLIAMS PROJECT, WHO DEVELOPED & FITTED 6.3L ENGINES INTO JUST 2 V8 VANTAGE VOLANTE ZAGATO FOR THE MANUFACTURER ASTON MARTIN THEMSELVES, AS THIS WORK WAS BEYOND THEM AND EXTREMELY EXPENSIVE! THIS WAS ASTON'S FLAGSHIP MODEL OF THAT ERA (1970 to 1990); JUST LIKE TODAY'S £1.7M 077.
(These engines were conservatively rated at an absurdly low 425-435BHP).
The Std 5.3 Aston Engine was rated 300BHP; the developed V8 Vantage Engine max output was 375BHP, which made it the World's fastest accelerating production car at that time; far quicker than the Legendary (& still very expensive) Ferrari Daytona! Only 68 RHD Manual Vantage Volante were ever made with prices (when new) creeping upto £120,000 by the end of the 1980's. For an additional £50,000 or so, at that time, AMW would perform a 6.3L conversion, that they had purchased the rights of, at great expense, from R.S.Williams himself. Even this conversion does not compare with R.S.Williams' actual own Heavy Duty "Super-Zagato plus", Specification RSW block engine, that was placed in our car in 1991 at immense cost!
Car Magazines extracts of reviews done at that time on RSW's 6.3L Engine fitted into "7 EXY" (titled "ULTIMATE ASTON"), would say the following:-
"...for all this brute acceleration, it was the extraordinary flexibility of the engine that constantly impressed."
"...Rev Limited to 6,500 RPM", but RSW said, "it could do more, but doesn't need to".
"...unbelievable Mid-Range & 6,000RPM in 5th gives nearly 190mph!"
"...the precise bore & stroke must remain secret.........Dynometer Tests show more than 500BHP..........for a little more work, we could take it right up to 600BHP!"
The true power of this Legendary engine at the rear wheels, was hampered; "...........due to excessive noise the standard exhaust was changed to a 6 Silencer Langford System, which robbed it of Power" (70-90BHP). 0-60 would have been less than 4 sec; "if it wasn't for the Dog-Leg 1st Gear and power-sapping exhaust".
For all that money spent, the factory V8 Vantage Volante buyers still had to go back to AMW to fit improved & uprated Diff, brakes, suspension, handling kit and straight through Sport Exhaust, etc, etc, which our one has even better ones fitted at huge expense, including minature clamping shocks between sport exhaust and car body!
Original Bills & Invoices that Total a staggering £220,000 or so; (vast majority Official AM or Official Heritage RS Williams); majority dating from the early 90's, which in today's money is probably £3/4 Million quid! (Spending power wise)
Only 1 previous owner over the last 23 Years, and mileage Warrantied at 13,000 odd MILES, since RSW engine transplant in 1991. (Very Famous Worldwide Star previously owned). Volante conversion was carried out by well-known Lincoln Scott Aston Specialists in 1990 for an enormous sum total of £61,000 (£47,000 + £15,000 Invoices just relating to this). As they used the exact methods and chassis strengthening, etc, etc, that were identical to the way Aston Martin themselves built the Volantes. Please do not confuse or compare this in any way, with the "TIN CAN OPENER" Jobs that cost a miserly £10-£15K; done by Banham & Daytona Motor Company, as they are as different as chalk is to cheese! If our special car was not a conversion, it would retail at £350,000 to £395,000, so a "bargain", in this respect; especially more so because of our 4 to 5 Yr 100% buyback Guarantee! Or even Double your money in 10-15 Years?
In Years to come, this will be a great investment, due to the provenance of the engine and all the high-end work that has gone into this car from top to bottom and the history behind it! So just count the appreciation in value, while setting your Pulse Racing with its sound, Power & brutal 500+BHP force! Salisbury Blue, with Blue Mohair Hood and magnolia Leather with Blue piping.
1 Year Buyback Guarantee of 85% and 5 Year 100% Buyback (STC). Any P/Ex taken, even if more expensive.
A 5 and 10 Yr  "as specified"  Warranty is included in this price! An offer unprecedented or unmatched by any other Aston Seller! If any Warranty Work is ever required, it will be carried out by the World renowned 2nd oldest Official Aston Dealership in the World, in the same ownership.
This car will be worth £1/2M in the not too distant future, and will also "blow the doors off" nearly all other road going Astons! If it was not a conversion, then this same car would have been worth about £100,000 to £150,000 more, due to its Original 12,000 mile old R.S. Williams 6.3L "Super-Vantage" Engine. ( Not an aftermarket conversion Engine , or an Aston Martin Works conversion of a 5.3L)
Part exchange:Any RHD/LHD even if we pay cash ontop to you!
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  • Mileage: 13,000
  • Year: 1988
  • Doors: 2
  • Body type: Convertible
  • Transmission type: Manual
  • Fuel type: Petrol
  • Colour: Blue


  • Engine layout: Front Engined
  • Aspiration: Normally Aspirated
  • Engine size (Litres): 6.3
  • Engine configuration: V8
  • Cylinders: 8
  • Engine power (BHP): 500
  • Torque (lbs/ft): 500
  • Top speed (MPH): 185
  • Acceleration: 0 to 62 in 3.8 seconds
  • Fuel consumption (MPG): 20
  • Driven wheels: Rear Wheel Drive
  • Previous owners: 3

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