1960 LOTUS Type 14 ELITE Series II LEFT HAND DRIVE, Very rare with the twin carb. Coventry Climax Engine (1960)




- Colin Chapman’s legendary lightweight GT
- Left hand drive version
- Very rare with the twin carb. Coventry Climax Engine
- Exhilarating and cleverly engineered sports car

The lines of the car are soft and delicate, with no superfluous curves
The Lotus Elite made its debut at the 1957 London Motor Car Show, Earls Court.
The Elite was not a normal car which was produced and put on the market. Mr. Collin Chapman wanted to have a perfect car and before going on sale the Elite had spent a year in development, aided by carefully selected racing drivers.
With the Lotus 14 of 1959 – better known as the Elite – Colin Chapman demonstrated that his skills as a racing car designer and constructor could just as easily be applied to production road cars.
Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman, a brilliant engineer obsessed with lightweight construction, built racing cars that were virtually unbeatable by competitors. Like Enzo Ferrari, road cars were a means to an end that would enable him to produce revenue with which to go racing. At the 1957 Earls Court Motor Show, the Elite was introduced as Chapman’s first dedicated road car, and it was a stunning product, as it was the first car with an all-fibreglass monocoque that could also offer a drag coefficient of 0.29.
Just as innovative as Lotus’s outright competition cars, the Elite featured a fiberglass monocoque body tub, independent suspension all round (based on that of Lotus’ racing monopostos) and four-wheel disc brakes.
Lotus, has never been a company who wanted to build cars just for looks, it had more in mind than just fashion when they designed the Elite. T
he car’s graceful lines allowed its coefficient of drag to stand at a scant 0.29, an excellent figure today that was unheard of in 1957. By combining these outstanding aerodynamics with lightweight body construction and peppy mechanicals, the lovely Elite became the definitive formula for the modern Lotus.
The first Elite entered production in 1957 and exited production in 1963, a total of around 1,035 being manufactured over the 6-year existence just 710 believed to remain today.
This Lotus Elite has chassis 1254 and was newly bought by a Driver School called J. Russell.
The car was delivered in 1960 and has been during it’s life to Holland and in Austria.
We just bought her from a Austrian friend/customer.
The Lotus is a desirable left hand drive version and is also fitted with the desirable Coventry Climax engine which produces 105 horsepower.
Its long nose and short tail lent the tiny Lotus the gorgeous proportions of a much larger grand touring car. The lines of the car are soft and delicate, with no superfluous curves.
The looks are purposeful and practical, with a simple yet unmistakable beauty. Its tasteful lines were unmatched by other sports cars of its size.
The condition of the body is nice. It is not freshly restored but the Lotus shows a nice patina and absolutely nothing has to be done on the body or needs attention.
The aluminium and chrome parts on the Lotus are all in a nice order as well.
The windows are showing no major scratches.
The simple, gentle curves and quality of the Elite’s body followed through into the interior, a welcome surprise in such a lean auto. The cabin is airy and comfortable with nice materials.
An attractive, three-spoke steering wheel with a light wood rim sprang out of the simple dash, which itself was designed to mimic the line of the car’s body and consisted of neat, legible gauges and several evenly spaced switches.
Also the interior of the Lotus is very nice without any major damages.
The door swings wide, and we’re advised that the way to enter is to sit on the sill and/or seat first, wind the torso inside and then swing the legs in.
The engine, is 1.2 litres that might not sound like a hugely sporting proposition and somebody could be prepared to be unimpressed.
But it is exactly the oppostie. The entire Lotus is glassfibre on a steel backbone chassis and weighs about 550 Kilos so one can imagine how the car is responding on the gas.
The steering of the Triumph is extremely responsive and this makes the driving of the Lotus very special.
To be completely honest it is 1 of my personal favorite cars to drive.
The seating position is very comfortable, even for longer persons and the handling is just superb.
It is after 5 kilometers clear that the Lotus is built for real drivers.

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  • Year: 1960
  • Doors: 2
  • Body type: Coupe
  • Transmission type: Manual
  • Fuel type: Petrol
  • Colour: White

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