Tiger Rally 2012

H&H Classic Rallies LTD 
Malaysia, Thailand, Laos & Cambodia 
Friday 16 November 2012 - Saturday 8 December 2012 
Event type:

Tours / rallies


The Tiger Rally is a three week adventure through some of the most
exotic and unspoilt lands in South East Asia. Our adventure takes us
along the roads less travelled in four of the most fascinating countries
in the world – Malaysia, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. From the historic
island of Penang to Bangkok, the pulsating capital of Thailand, you
will meet the gentle people of the region, wonder at the scenery, sample
the delights of several cuisines and stay in memorable hotels.
Competition will be on a level playing field with your fellow
participants on routes that climb mountains, cross plains and follow one
of the world’s greatest rivers, the mighty Mekong, as it cuts its way
to the South China Sea.

The roads will be good while the routes will be challenging and
inspiring, stimulating and thought-provoking, cultural and memorable. In
towns it may be demanding with tuk-tuks, taxis, cycles (motorised and
otherwise), buses, pedestrians and all manner of small load carriers,
weaving and wandering in your path. On the country routes it will be
less congested but equally enthralling. You will come away with a huge
smile and a desire to see more of this amazing region.

If you are in the competition we have selective stages most days and
often more than one. They vary in length from the shortest at 10km to
the longest at 120km with most in the 40kms region. Even on days where
we have an extra night in one location you will be out for a testing run
in the morning.cal prd

“The Tiger Rally 2011 was a real
exploration of South East Asia, taking in Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and
Cambodia. The superb routes took us to places that others would not have
found. The organisation was excellent and the roadbook and GPS system
worked really well. Unfortunately our car suffered a mechanical problem
and we had to abandon it just before we entered Thailand. John Brigden
arranged for the car to be transported back to Bangkok and shipped to
the UK. He also arranged hotel rooms for us in Bangkok, flights to
Vietnam and a car in Vietnam that we used to complete the rest of the
rally including the section in Laos which was superb. 
Going the extra mile made all the difference to us, allowing us to complete the rally”

Steve Hyde and Janet Lyne- Winners of Peking to Paris 2010