4 Star Classics


Tilsey Farm, Horsham Road, Bramley, Surrey GU5 0LN, United Kingdom

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Our company grew out of a passion for great driving machines and modern classics. It is primarily the cars which were produced from the 1970s to the 1990s that really excite us - a time where emission controls, noise levels, security features and miles of wire for the electronics were not an issue for car manufacturers. This resulted in light agile machines that were not only highly manoeuvrable but which also displayed great individual character, creating real feedback and emotion for the driver. That is not to say they all drove with great poise but what those models lacked in agility they certainly made up for in looks, individuality and technological equipment.

The models of car we sell are over 20 years old - they have had to deal with an oil crisis, housing booms and busts and the reduction and final withdrawal of leaded fuel. What we are trying to convey is they have been around for quite some time and, while not having to deal with quite the same problems we have had, they have had to endure many years of wet weather, salty roads and neglect.

We take meticulous care when choosing the cars that will make it to our showroom. Once a car has passed our strict criteria, we set about getting it fully functioning and as close to new condition as is possible. The car is fully serviced using genuine parts and then road tested. Professional detailing to the exterior and interior follows, leaving the car in exceptional condition. It is then left to bask in its former glory under our photo studio lights before it is finally released into our showroom and onto the market.