IK Classics and Racing Services


West Yorkshire HD9

Tel: 01484 688678 / 07775 603706

Email: ikclassics@gmail.com


IK Classics was borne out of a passion for vintage race cars. Ian
Kellett founded the business in 1998 and he still loves coming to work.
The company, located in Jackson Bridge, just outside of Holmfirth on the
edge of the Peak District, is a business that promotes its services for
every type of car from Micras to Mustangs.

However, after a short conversation with Ian, it’s not difficult to
see where his heart lies. The workshop employs three technicians, one of
whom is devoted to the servicing of modern vehicles and offers an
important service to this tight-knit local community.

Ian and his third engineer devote the rest of the working week – and
many hours beyond – to prestige cars, race tuning and restoring

Tucked away in a former textile mill, IK Classics is a tardis of
four-wheeled delights from the past and present. Ian offers a classic
car storage service for private clients and a local vintage car hire
company, which combined with restoration work, Ian’s own projects and
the fact that the workshop is immaculate, makes you feel a bit like you
are walking into an auto museum.

Look left and there’s a brand new Aston Martin DB9 in for servicing,
look right and there’s a vintage Ferrari, covered, and resting next to a
recently restored Mark1 Golf.

Ian started his career on the more mainstream side of the auto
industry, with an apprenticeship at a Vauxhall garage. He spent 11 years
with this company before moving on to a BMW dealership to become
service manager.

He then went to work as service manager for a company that
specialised in Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche and Lotus. After a taste
of the prestige market, Ian decided to move on and went to work for a
classic car company in Huddersfield, eventually branching out by

Today IK Classics has a superb reputation in the classic racing
circuit. The combined passion and experience of the team ensures that
all projects are completed to an outstanding level.