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A friend of mine, who is a social worker that works with disabled children, is going to try to raise money by driving 1,000 miles to various landmarks in the UK in an old car with his wife over one weekend. Knowing that I was, as you may have interpreted from my username, a bit of a petrolhead, he asked me where he can get a car for around £100, as he is paying for the car himself. I was quite stumped; what with the scrappage scheme and various other contributions, I didn't know where he could find a car to suit his requirements, especially taking into account that the vehicle has to be taxed and MoT'd. Because advertising cars for sale is so expensive, people selling them at this price won't bother, as they'd probably spend at least a third of their profits from the vehicle on advertising it.

So, I was wondering if anybody can help. He said that he could go a little bit over budget, but needs the car to be MoT'd and taxed.

By the way, I will update and try to share his photos from the event (if I can work out how to post the damn things on here!). He is also going to be setting up a website, and when he does, I will attach a link for anyone who is interested to find out more.

Please send in your suggestions, as he intends to begin at some point towards the end of August. I know he will be very appreciative for your help. He doesn't mind travelling anywhere in the UK to collect the car, and he would prefer to pay cash. Thanks in advance.

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Most cars seem to be worth more than that as scrap at the moment i'm afraid, good luck to your friends though.

Maybe try a few local dealerships of the right brand ie not Lexus or Porsche etc and ask if they have any MOT'd trade ins you could take of their hands. They might have something they would just scrap as its not worth anything to sel on. As i say though, it may be worth more as scrap, so you need to mention its for charity, maybe they would be able to put you onto someone who could help. 

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The dealership p/x route seems a good idea, especially if he keeps mentioning "charity" and would offer "sponsorship" publicity.  Apart from that I can only think of something like Ebay or the free ads in the local paper and even then it's likely to be a complete wreck.

At £100 virtually any car that runs with an MoT has got to be worth more for parts alone, just pulling off 4 good wheels/tyres would probably get that much and even a couple of months tax is a fair proportion of the price.   A more realistic view might be to go for an MoT failure and patch it up for the event.

As an aside, it might be worth widening the scope, sometimes 3-wheeler reliants go for silly money because nobody wants them.  Nothing too techincal there to fix and the road tax is low as well.


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First up, all credit to your friend for trying to do something worthwhile. I reckon though, for reasons others have already mentioned, you won't get a tested taxed car capable of running 1.000 miles for a ton. But, as others have suggested, and probably a better idea is ask around the trade for a freebie. It makes sense all round, such a cheap car was only ever going to be scrap once the remaing tax had been cashed in, but it would make more sense for a local business to generate more publicity than a three hundred pound car (for example) could pay for by supporting a charity.

Tell your mate to go that route, you may even get a half decent motor that could still be sold on after.

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