A few photos from the Swiss British Car Meeting - Oct 6th 2012

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I thought i'd post a few photos from yesterday British Car Meeting in
Switzerland. This years theme was for MG and Lotus. For more information
their website is: www.british-cars.ch

Nuno Granja
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Thanks for sharing R Ranch,

Nice meeting with a lot of different models.



nuno granj

Chris Martin
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Great selection of cars there. While we may expect the usual suspects at a British car meet anywhere in the world - Jaguar, MG, Triumph etc - and of course the Swiss had an awareness of Alvis through coachbuilder Graber, it is in a way more interesting to see there are still some once common  'porridge' cars preserved that have largely disappeared from even British roads. 

Some fairly ordinary Vauxhalls, a Ford Classic (which of course was Classic in name only) and a couple of old Austins.  Nice to see even the Swiss have a taste for the mundane, or worse, a Marina.

I did wonder why the Aston Martin has a steering wheel on the roof though?

Great photos.

Chris M.


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I'm guessing the steering wheel was for sale...or maybe a spare.

There were so many different cars there, all british of course...well would the Delorean class as British as it HQ was in the US, but I guess as they were built in NI that counts. I didn't take any photos but there were about 5 o 6 DMC there (and none converted to the Back to the Future car...well it is Switzerland after all).

There were a three Alvis Graber bodied car there, two coupes and one beutiful convertible (Graber Super)...

You probably can't tell from the photos, but it is a wonderful day out and lot's and lot's of classic British cars there...some UK registerd cars but mainly Swiss, German, Italian and French registrations. It's right by the waterfront overlooking the lake and another beautiful sunny October day.

Looking forward to next years event...I wonder which marque it will be. I'm hoping my long term British project is finished so I can drive it there