All quiet of the on the C&SC front.

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plastic penguin
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Where's everyone gone recently?

Perhaps start a Morris 8 thread.

My dad, when he first started driving, bought a 1935 (charcol grey) eight. It was sold long before I was born, but saw many photos of it. Sadly, they have all gone Pete Tong, and not seen in years.

James Elliott
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We're working very hard!

One of our Haymarket colleagues Derek Redfern bought a Morris Eight recently and he is a marvellous insight as to why our hobby is so appealing and addictive. He adores tinkering with it, loves trundling round (slowly) in it and I think has even entered it in the Brooklands Double Twelve this year.

Chris Martin
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plastic penguin wrote:

Where's everyone gone recently?

If you are referring to the reduced number of posts on here, I suspect you know the real reason.

Most of the rubbish that was put up previousy was the work of one person, using many aliases to either argue with others, or when that failed, to just talk to himself, and now he is no longer with us. Hopefully we can now see a return to qualiity over quantity, but don't hold your breath waiting.

I did complain about that specific problem last year while there were still other intelligent contributors on here, but nothing was done, and one by one they all gave up and left.

It takes a particular mix of timing, luck and marketing to launch this type of forum and make it a success, and the behaviour of a few over the first few months was allowed to continue unregulated such that the ratio of idiotic rubbish against the interesting and useful content went too far the wrong way. That then had the result of not only driving a few away, but probably also discouraging any casual visitors from bothering to register and join in what appeared to be a rather childish bitch-fest. There are many and varied online forums and websites all competing for our time and if we see one that does not interest us we will soon find another that does. I have always supported this one simply because it is a spin-off from my favourite car magazine, so I hope it can recover, but it may take time.

Meanwhile, I have tried to post a few different posts, ideas, photos etc, to see if either they can stimulate a reply or further discussion, of if they are not of interest to the remaining few on here, then hopefully at least I am keeping the lights on until someone else comes up with new posts of their own, but yes the lack of responses is making me too doubt whether to continue wasting my time much longer.

Finally, I repeat a thought that others have suggested before, that maybe the staff of C&SC themselves could chip in occasionally.

Chris M.


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