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Hi All,

Apologies for crashing your forum. My name is Mike, I work for a television production company.

We are currently starting production of a new historical documentary set in 1960s America. As part of the doc we are looking to do some reconstruction, and we would love to use a 1950s Buick Roadmaster (a Special or Super would also work as logn as it is from the 1949-1953 era).

I would love to chat to anyone who owns a car of this make about potentially working with us for a few days in a couple of weeks time. If anyone has these models of car and is interested, or knows someone who might be, please do not hesitate to get in contact with me at mikephilo@rawcut.tv

Thanks very much and I look forward to speaking to people about using their amazing cars to recreate some incredible history!


Mario Laguna
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Like the one in Rain Man?
Good choice, unfortunately I drive some more little, but let you know if I can locate a Buick.
Good luck!

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Ideally hard top though.


Thanks very much, grateful for any help anyone can give! They are elusive beasts...

James Elliott
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We have put your request out across all our social media channels.

Hope that helps to turn up a suitable car.