Car Collectors/Hoarders

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Hello Everyone

I am wrting this in the hope that somone maybe able to help me in my request.

At this moment in time i am working upon a UK TV production
company making a returning primetime TV series for Discovery International to be aired globally. For this coming season we
are ideally looking to film people who possibly collect or hoard cars in sheds, garages, gardens etc.  We are basically after something that is unwanted or rusty that we can buy from someone for cash on camera and then restore.  The more things that they have the better for us to film and search through.

If you have any ideas who this maybe or if it is yourself then please could you get intouch with me on the below email and i would be happy to talk to you.  I do hope that this message has not broken any rules on the forum and hopefully i will speak to some of you soon.

Thank you for taking time to read this.