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Hello my name is Josh Bloom and I am a Producer at Renegade Pictures ( 
We have been commissioned by Nat Geo (The National Geographic HD channel on Sky) to make a programme in which we take people's old cars and secretly restore them to their former glory. Let me explain more....

We are looking for someone who owns a much loved older car that has fallen into disrepair. Friends or family of this person, knowing how much this car means to them and that they will never get round to doing it up themselves, nominate them as potential candidates for this programme. Our plan is to then secretly take this car away, and service, paint and repair it until it's as close to original condition as we can manage. We then present it back to the very appreciative owner.

This might be an opportunity for you to give something back to a generous and kind soul or someone who has fallen ill and needs cheering up? Maybe somebody who started a project but no longer has the funds to complete the job? Or perhaps somebody whose car failed its MOT 10 years ago, is locked away in a garage, has particular sentimental value and it would bring huge joy into their lives to enjoy it on the road again.

The car will need to be from the late 1950s until the late 1980s and can be anything from an old Mini to a Ford Sierra, and while we do wish to work on interesting cars, time and budgets mean we won't be doing up any Maseratis or Bentleys I'm afraid.

If you have somebody in mind and would like to give a gift to a deserving member of your family or community please contact me either by phone or email. 


Our goal is to keep the recommission secret from the owner so if you have somebody in mind please don't mention the show to them at any stage! 
If you are successful in your nomination we will then tell you more about how it will all work


Please call or email any time. 

Thanks Josh 

Assistant Producer - Car SOSRenegade Pictures



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Call it 'Pimp My Ride UK' and I think you've got a hit on your hands!

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I have a, er, "friend" who has the perfect cars for this. Take your pick from four, everything from a 1965 Triumph to a 1982 Lotus Elite. I promise I won't tell him.