Circuit de Remparts, Angouleme, France

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 Is anyone intending to go to the Circuits de Remparts in Angouleme in September ?

I'd be interested to liaise. Do you know the route for the rally on Saturday 15th Sept - can't find a map on the web site.




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I live about an hour away from Angouleme and go when I can. It's well worth it.

In my experience, unless you sign up for the rally, they don't publish the route until about the day before and it only appears in the press on the morning of the event.

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hi the rallye inscription is closed now the route thi year is about 300klms i think i live here so would have done it its not cheap 375 euros regards chris

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Check site:

shows some detail about the "tour".  It's usually a drive (or a drive and a half -300km?) for a tasty if somewhat expensive lunch.

The final route will not be published until one or two days before.  If you wishto avoid the expense of a "subscription, check the route at the last minute and tag along or spectate at a location of your choice.
Suggestion  -  go for an "artisan's" lunch at almost every restaurant on the route - usually 12.00 to 13.00 Euros for three / four courses plus wine or coffee!

This was the rallye drive / lunch 2 years ago

Well wrth a visit - as is Pau in alternate Years

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