Classic and Sports Car on Ipad

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So when is the best classic car mag going to appear on iPad?

C&SC still appears to hark back to the days when we used to use paper for newspaepers and magazines. There's one place for paper in my house and that's the bathroom.

I'm looking forward to an e version of this great mag.

Dinsdale Piranha
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The magazine is available in an electronic format, as per Alastair's editorial in the Sep edition. Available from

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I'm really pleased that the best classic car magazine is available on iPad although I would rather I could order it directly from the publisher than have to involve a 3rd party. I guess none of the subsription promotions apply to it such as getting the free internal combustion engine? It's available though and the world is a better place for it.

The biggest benefit of the E version is that it is easier to read. You can zoom in on text, zoom in on photos without loss of quality. When you put it down and come back to it, it''s at the page you left it. The hyperlinked web pages are quite good as well. It's great how on some of the adverts you can just click on them and you go straight to the companies web page. If a webpage is mentioned in the editorial, you click on it and you are there.


Altogether a very nice way to read it. Plus of course, it take up no physical space.

I get much greater opportunity to read with the iPad as it is with me at times that I wouldn't be carrying books, newspapers or magazines.

I was at a friends house last night and I was telling him about the Mini in the August issue and within 15 seconds I was showing it to him. I certainly wouldn't have been carrying a physical copy of C&SC just then.

By the way, I wouldn't recomend it but I have dropped my iPad in water and it came out unscathed. I won't be trying it again though!

I do hope e magazines take off as some of the more sophisticated ones combine the written word with 360 degree photography, video etc. Just imagine being able to do a walk around some of the fantastic cars that appear in C&SC. Open the bonnet with a swipe of your finger and zoom into the engine. The technology to do this is all there but I'm not sure it would be commercially viable for a specialist magazine like C&SC where the majority of readers think an iPad is something you keep in your first aid kit for times of trauma to your eyes.

It's a pity that C&SC don't give away an electronic copy to their subscribers in the same way as say The Economist does. I get the paper version through the post which is great to pass around but its the digital version which gets read first.

In any case, keep up the good work.

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The mag is already available on Zinio, but there are even more exciting developments on the horizon. I could tell you what they are, but I would have to understand them first. Let's just call them sensible upgrades for modern motoring. The magazine, however, will steadfastly remain doing precisely what it is best at. As soon as there is anything more definite, I will of course let everyone know.

Abigayle Bishop
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I've seen a lot of pictures of sports and classic cars on my friends Ipad. She also wants me to see her collections on zuo modern furniture as well as diana sofa in different styles.

Chris Martin
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Abigayle Bishop wrote:
I've seen a lot of pictures of sports and classic cars on my friends Ipad. She also wants me to see her collections on zuo modern furniture as well as diana sofa in different styles.


So we still get spammers, even those who bother to match the word verification.

Hell, what do we do next ?????