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How to choose a right Classic Car Insurance policy?

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Shop around and see who offers the best perks and prices for you.

Heritage are the UK's leading Classic Car Insurance Specialists.  We provide insurance for enthusiasts from enthusiasts.

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Two aspects are paramount:-

Firstly, if your classic's owner's club has either its own insurance scheme, or is linked to one of the existing Classic Car underwriters such as Footman James or Towergate, then use them. The advantages are that you have the weight of the club backing and support if thinks go wrong.

Secondly, the premiums between all the competitive companies are not so different. What is more important than saving a few Pounds here or there is having a reliable policy that will pay out without bickering over values, so one that has an agreed value scheme is important.

You can usually achieve both with a good Insurer and also get European Breakdown cover and Legal Aid included.

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