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Simon Stokes
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If like me you have more vehicles than is absolutely necessary, where do you keep them all? How do you manage?

I rent my home and choosing something to move into has certain requirements, such as a decent garage and driveway. I have motorcycles too and they need to be locked away to get sensible insurance. So this limits my choices, often to houses that are too big and expensive or in places that are no use. With the necessity to move again I am wondering what to do.

I could rent a barn/unit/lockup if there are such things around here. Buy one of course, assuming the cost of a few breeze blocks and corrugated steel hasn't suffered the same fate as the housing market.

I only have the three cars and seven motorcycles at the moment, not all of them in one piece of course (or worth anything for that matter), but I feel that with the right long term space I could get a couple more.


Red Dwarf
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We kept our Corvette in a “lock-up” for 13 years.  It was three miles from home and had no power or light, but I have to say, was an extra wide unit that allowed good side access at least.  But that said, looking back I can’t believe the work that my wife and I undertook on the car in the garage, all with nothing more than torches to see by (that would be “flashlights” to our US readers!).  We used to need to take all the necessary tools etc, overalls, some “sustenance” and flasks of hot water to wash our hands at the end of a days work!   

Having the car at home here now still seems like a real luxury after 7 years.  With only two cars in a garage big enough for at least three we still feel like we have acres of space to work in now!

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