Classic only trackdays?

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There is debate afoot in the UK Trackday Organiser (or TDO) world on the potential interest, demand and, ultimately, financial benefits of hosting classic car only trackdays. A very small handful of the TDO's are considering options for later in 2011, but many are hesitant in fear of not filling the day and covering the extortionate fees many circuit owners like to charge.

With noise limits reducing the choice of days for owners and enthusiasts looking to strech the legs of their steeds, I would argue there certainly is a market. Surely being on track with likeminded drivers, feeling comfortable that the Scooby or Evo boys are not present, and the glutton of interesting cars/owners to mingle with is very appealing indeed?

James Elliott
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I certainly feel more comfortable when it is ONLY classics on track for the session or day. It is not solely because of the performance differential between the cars, but also that I just feel that classic owners know better what I am likely to be struggling with (or against) and therefore give eachother a fraction more consideration... and space!

Sir Driftalot
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I see it like you, James. Check out the Seventies Classic Club Trophy for examples ( A nice bunch of people to have a cheap and funny trackday with. If you don't mind travelling to France of course.

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I have nevery attended a track day, but I have thought that it'd be a great thing to do with other people in classic cars, especially other Stag owners.

However,  the thought of the very fast modern cars buzzing around my ears has put me off.

The thought of going to a classic only day (although I expect there will still be some fast cars buzzing around my ears) is much more appealing.

Therefore, if this idea gets off the ground, please let me know.



Apex Trackdays
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We are seriously thinking about this.  Some good friends of mine not only have classics but also older boys with things like Aero 8's etc certainly do not like the idea of being buzzed by a super modified Subaru running cut slicks.  The difficulty is committing to a day for classics and then a week before the event realizing it is half full with modern car owners knocking on your door wanting to book on.


We have made contact with the organisers of Silverstone Classic to get some track time on the Stowe circuit.  I was thinking of offering half hour slots for say £60?

We have a day at the new Blyton circuit on Sunday 17th July and that may be the day we choose.


Also, a cut off point as to what constitutes a classic?  I thought may be cars over 25 years old?  However that would exclude E30 M3's alot of Morgans and some more modern exotic like Astons, which, If I was lucky enough to own one, would prefer to use it at a more "exclusive "event.



James Butler
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In my experience, the age of car isn't necessarily relative to how protective the owner is and how respectfully they might drive on track. Marketing a track day toward a certain crowd will certainly help, but in my opinion, the standard of marshaling on the day is of utmost importance and emphasizing to drivers that a relaxed and less competitive environment is embraced on the day. Having been hit on track before at the expense of poor marshaling, I think this reassurance and constant reiteration of safety standards could certainly make a difference.

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Several interesting posts here so far, and I support them all. But one other key consideration to any trackday where classics are concered is noise limits. Older cars make real noise from real exhausts and, therefere, only apply to 102 dba and above...