Decisions, decisions & choices ! Opinions sought !!!

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Having made space for my next classic steed im looking at the following options :

1) Good late model facelift / celebration XJS manual 4 litre- these are fetching strong money now up to and over 10k being asked for some of the Celebrations advertised as really nice. This would be well within budget and should prove to be a very useable modern classic (especially with the later AJ16 4 litre) that I can take on long trips abroad and generally enjoy often.

2) 3.0 Csi BMW - there are a couple of allegedly top notch examples on the market circa 25k - top end of budget limit and a lot of cash to be tied up for me in a car - that could then potentially “spoil” the enjoyment a little. A useable car all the same that would be a great drive.

3) Saving the best to last my number one choice would be an 70’s AM V8 / early Oscar India ! Now there are cars about circa 25k however this is both top end budget wise and well into danger territory car wise. Sill work or engine work is all mega bucks and I should think they do 10 mpg at best - potentially the road to financial ruin which is the danger and likely to taint the ownership experience somewhat ! Very easy to get caught with a lemon needing lots spending just to keep running. Most books I’ve read suggest the purchase price is merely a “downpayment” !

Heart is saying AM V8, head is saying XJS with the Csi falling in between !

This is to be a “second car” that would be garaged and used on time off, holidays, to attend shows and keep off the salt ridden uk roads in the worst of winter.

If money were no object then the Aston would be on the drive already however back in the real world etc etc !

Interestingly I was chatting with a gent at the NEC Classic Car Show this year who had an AM V8 and he pointed towards the XJS’s on display stating “they drive nicer and are a lot less hassle” !

I have had a number of classic and modern jags but always really overlooked the XJS, they do seem to have matured nicely and look like an attractive and value for money option as a very useable modern classic experience. Galvanised shell post facelift, later and stronger AJ16 motor, getrag 5 speed manual, classic shape with some nice colours, all sounds very tempting……………

I’ve read all the books and continue to search the ads for examples of all three options, just wondered what everyone out there thinks, opinions and advice would be much appreciated !!!

Chris Martin
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For what it is worth, based on a rather short acquaintance I found the AM V8 to be one of the few big disappointments where a car really did not live up to it's legend.  Having the use of a seventies V8 with manual trans' in London was not the great privelege I was expecting.  This was an immaculate properly serviced car with no known problems, but in town traffic all the controls were heavy, gearchange, clutch etc, the wooden brakes did not feel responsive, the handbrake lever in a stupid position and stiff, and even the power steering was heavy at traffic speeds.  Everything did start to lighten up and feel better at around the legal speed limit, but at anything less it drove like an old truck. An auto might be easier to live with, but I seriosly recommend a good long test drive including some town use, and with the rose tinted specs left at home before deciding.

Also, having had some experience of Astons in the bodyshop, I can say that old chestnut about them being handcrafted in the traditional way, is a euphemism for poorly fitted aluminium panels with the gaps smoothed over with tons of lead - hardly the way to make a lightweight sports car then?

The BMW I know nothing about, 25k sounds a bit rich to me, but if the best of the late XJS Jags can be had for ten grand I would say that will be the bargain of the day, and while the others may blow your budget and then some more, at least you can rest easy in the knowledge that you may even get a return on the investment.  Hey, why not get two?

Chris M.


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The BMW would have to be a top notch car for 25k, but if it were me, I'd have one over the XJS. I love the shape of them, very classy and timeless. However if your limited by budget go with the Jag. Old Beemers can rust as enthusiastically as any Italian car and seemingly perfect cars may be hiding something.

Wouldn't even consider the AM. Your own summary says it all really.

A rare case of an XJS being the sensible choice!! :) Good luck!

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Thanks for your opinions - late AJ16 engine XJS manual is looking favourite as a long distance tourer with classic appeal and updated with the last of the line improvements ;-)))



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