Driving licence - from 19 Jan 2013

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As the result of an European Directive, there are changes comming in on that date. I believe all existing drivers are 'grandfathered', ie can still drive the same basic veihicles.

But, and the Morgan Three Wheeler Club is up in arms about this, three wheeled vehicles come under the motorbike legislation and groups. This means the children of members, who could have expected, subject to insurance, to have driven the vintage Morgan at 17 when they passed a car test, will either have to ride and pass the staged motorbike tests and be 21, or be 24 and go for direct access route (motorbike rules change from the present ones). I believe you won't even be able to take a test in a three wheeler unless you are disabled and can't physically ride a bike.

It would be reasonable to believe this aspect of the directive is really aimed at what is called motorbike bodied three wheelers as at present, a car licence allows you to drive/ride a Harley that has had a trike conversion.

Car bodied three wheelers include the current Morgan three wheeler, the vintage ones, BSAs, Reliants, Scammel Scarabs (a lorry...), some Grinnals and countless others.

So if you have a Scammel Scarab in the family, your child needs to pass a motor bike test, be quite a lot older than they thought, but does not need to have a car licence - despite the controls, dimensions etc being like a car, not a bike.

The DVLA website only covers the current rules, but the Northern Ireland rules and dates are the same. See:


And various other pages on NIdirect.gov cover other aspect of the changes.