Endorsments for not driving according to conditions

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Just a thought, but don't you think if you drive a soft top with the hood up on a sunny day , it should carry a mandatory 3 points on your license .


James Elliott
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Have you read Alastair Clements' blog here?

He is certainly in agreement with you, but I suspect feels that three points is insufficient punishment (he would want a a good flogging with Brillo pads at least).

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Aaarrrggh! This is one of my major bug bears on bad motoring. Why go to the expense and insurance hassle on a soft top and not use the thing other than when pulling over at the lay-by prior to the country pub to de-hood before casually rolling into the car park (fashionably late of course) so all your chums, and patrons, see you. Or leaving it on the drive after a wash to impress the Jones'.

3 points and a shaving of the head would be in order (the latter punishment to teach all those with 'but I don't want to ruin my hair' excuses...)