Favourite Goodwood Breakfast Classic?

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Graeme Hurst
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Goodwood's canvassing for votes for its fans favourite motor - it's circuit management's drive to deliver a stellar 'dream grid' turnout at the next Breakfast Club and we're keen to hear what yours is. Over the years I've made quite a few meetings and this Iso Grfio is my current favourite:

What's yours?

Valve Bounce
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Is it just me or is the list that Goodwood have come up with just a little bit predictable?

This huge Hispano-Suiza Cabriolet by Hibbard & Darrin does it for me; supremely rakish...


Or this meticulously restored Healey Tickford Saloon


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I was only ever going to vote for my own Daytona, although the Grifo looks lovely. Owner seems a nice guy too. My Dad (who is restoring a similar Grifo) had a very long chat about Grifos with him a few Breakfasts back.

As to the list of choices, I suspect the organisers went for cars they knew they could get for the event. It's no good having a top ten cars if they can't get hold of one I guess