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James Elliott
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THE RULES IN SHORT (done by us just for you)
Welcome to the C&SC Forums: engage, participate and enjoy. Seeing as you are all grown-ups, you should be pretty much aware of what is acceptable behaviour, but like any social gathering, there must be some rules and protocols. After all, though we want this to be a fun place full of passionate debate, it is a free service we are providing for you and anything or anyone who jeopardises that for everyone else will incur our wrath!
Below you will find the full set of rules, but here are a few key points:

  • Be nice to each other, we all know the difference between banter and bullying.
  • Don’t overreact. Incredible but true: some people have been known to post on the internet after a couple of drinks, which may affect their tone and attitude. Of course we’d rather they didn’t, but lets always try and keep a sense of perspective.
  • On the other hand, don’t feed the trolls. Trolls is internetese for those people who derive a rather pathetic kick from turning forums into Fight Clubs. Unlike genuine posters who have had a bad day or a drink too many, the trolls have no interest the subject and aren’t even proper enthusiasts, so don’t encourage them or respond to them, simply report them to a moderator and we’ll sort it out.
  • Don’t get us in trouble! If you want to post something make sure it is your copyright or copyright free, and not libelous or offensive.
  • Don’t spam us. It’s very annoying, very obvious and generally just winds people up rather than making them your friends.
  • Don’t use this forum for flogging your wears. Quite apart from the fact that it usually turns people off rather than on, we have a team of lovely advertising salespeople who are relying on your business to keep their Smeg fridges well stocked with Veuve Clicquot. Give them a call on 020 8267 5377 or e-mail ads.C& or use the contact forms on this site.
  • This is not the place to air your grievances about specific products or services. You may call it having an opinion, but the law calls it libel and it will be moderated or removed accordingly. If you do have a substantiable beef with anyone in the classic car world, why not get in touch directly, we are quite good at this stuff and will do everything we can to help you. On the forums, however, we will maintain a very strict no naming and shaming policy.

THE RULES IN FULL (done by people who are paid to do these things)
Welcome to the Classic & Sports Car Forums, your essential destination for discussion, advice and information about all things classic related.
We aim to offer friendly, lively Forums where members can share opinions as well as knowledge and experiences. To keep things fun and fair for everyone, we ask you all to read - and expect you to abide by - the following rules.
Any additions to the site - including comments on news stories and blogs, as well as Forum posts - that breach these rules are subject to editing and/or deletion by the site's administrators. Members who break the rules will also receive a warning and/or be banned from the site.
1) Members must not post libellous, racist, aggressive or otherwise insulting or abusive remarks about any individual, company or organisation.
2) Members must not use swear words, or offensive phrases or terminology in their posts, user names, signatures or profiles/biographies.
3) Members must not post any pornographic or otherwise offensive images or text that could be distressing to any other member. This includes the picture chosen as your Avatar.
4) Posts and user profiles must not include links to inappropriate material -which includes pornographic or offensive images or information, but also competitive sites.
5) Members must not submit information disclosed to them in confidence or post any material that compromises the security or privacy of anyone other than themselves.
6) Members must not promote illegal activities in any way, including linking to illegal material in their posts.
7) Members must not post images or information owned by other third parties.
8) Members must not post or link to spam of any nature.
9) Individuals from the classic motor industry as well as their staff are required to identify themselves as such in their signature. Any additional information – such as the telephone number, email and website address of the company – should be put in the user’s profile. ‘Trade’ members of the forum failing to meet these conditions will be removed, as will those the moderators suspect to be trade members posting under an alias.
10) The site must not be used to solicit business of any kind – this includes any information in signatures and biographies, and specifically prohibits trade users from linking within forum posts to their websites, special offers, etc.. Neither shall trade members use the forums to encourage members to contact them for special offers or advantageous pricing. Classic & Sports Car offers a range of advertising opportunities that can be used to promote relevant products and services - click on Contact Us for more information.
11) Members should not register more than once, nor submit the same or similar posts to more than one area of the site. Duplicate registrations, threads or posts will be deleted. Members are also encouraged to search for the topic they intend to post before starting a new thread, as existing discussions may already exist for them to join.
12) Whilst we do not pre-screen submissions, members must not question the decision of the site's moderators to edit or remove posts or profiles, or begin a discussion in any forum about such actions. If you feel a post or profile has been unfairly altered or removed, please use the Contact Us page to register your views.
These rules are regularly reviewed, and may be updated at any time - please use the Contact Us page to notify us of any perceived breach of any of the above, or to suggest any additions or amendments.

Chris Martin
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James. you really do have to get someone to set up a new register format. The spam is just about matching the regular users, it dilutes the content as it is, and it must be just as much work for you to keep deleting them. Try installing one of those programs where one has to copy the wobbly letters and numbers. That should take care of them.

Chris M.


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trying to find out about the rules :)

cars 60-70

ronald reynolds
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i just signed on to website but have been a reader for years....i live in san juan capistrano california....usa

i wanted to note that a old gear head and founder of the goodguys car club has pass was started over 30yrs ago so guys with hot rods...customs... and vintage cars could get together.....the name comes from the first meeting at the pleasonton fair grounds in northern calif......the management said they didnt want a bunch of bad guys hanging around the meadors these are all goodguys............i know that you may not be familar with the organization but we have members all over the world.....just a passing thought about another old guy who loved old cars and the people who own them....

ron reynolds