Frazer Nash / DKW Prototype

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Mister Moth
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I'm trying to track down information on this one-off Frazer Nash prototype that was built in 1954.

I heard that Richard Heseltine may have written a feature on it at one time but I have never seen it published.

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Mister Moth

David Evans
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Evening Mister Moth

Yes, Richard did write a feature on the Frazer Nash-DKW, which was published in the August 2011 issue of C&SC. Our back numbers people should have copies of it – call 08448 488835 (01795 592976 from overseas) or e-mail – or if they don't, then please e-mail me in the editorial office because we should have a spare copy...

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Frazer Nash DKW prototype sold recently by SVS in Manchester:


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We were looking to expand their business, which was based upon a successful
but small production run number of specialist sports/racing cars, such
as the cars which are booked by the customers.


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I am the new owner of the car and will gladly support with all the innformation that i have. What do you know and what kind og information are you looking for?