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Reading the Cars i have owned post on the Forum got me thinking, about the cars i have owned and driven.

Now leaving the 'What is a classic' argument aside, Being a 70's child i grew up with the mirriad of GTis that were avalible in the 80's. Now i know that much has been written about the main contenders, the VW Golfs & Peugeot 205's, but i have seen very little about the less well known models, the Citroen Visa Gtis, The 309 Gti, even lhe likes of the Daihatsu Charade Gti. Many were often overlooked in there day and are becomeing exceedingly rare today. Would there be any interest in an article about the 'Outsiders'?

Just a thought?

James Butler
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Admittedly I'm biased but I like the idea. Especially agree with the 309 GTI - I've always fancied one. Similarly, Vento/Jetta GTIs are also much cheaper to buy than their hatchback counterpart.

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Goodwood - this is right up my street!

I agree with all of your suggestions. And let's not discount the Fiat Uno Turbo. I owned a mark 1 and a mark 2 in my younger days and throught they offered a great deal more value against their rivals - 205 GTi, Fiesta RS Turbo, and Renault 5 Turbo. It was cheaper for parts, cheaper to insure, was less likely to be stolen and still was up there on the performance.

Sadly, it's nigh-on impossible to find one in any fit state now owing to the questionable build quality of the Italians. Shame...