Help required to fulfil dream

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For the first time in my life I now have the funds to fulfil a dream and buy an e type. It is really important to me that the family can share the experience which means I am looking for a 2+ 2. That's lucky as I only have £50 grand which is going rate for a good 4.2 or v12. If you asked me money no object what e type I would always say 3.8 roadster, 4.2 coupe. Never a series 2 and not a v12. Only problem, factor in horrible roof line which makes the 4.2 look out of proportion the v12 becomes a more desirable option and it can't be compared to the more desirable 2 seater and some how with different windscreen profile and more bling seems to suite it quite well, but the v12 is a more scary proposition to work on than the 4.2 and it's not got the purity of an early cars bonnet. I also want to protect the money so I have also wondered which would hold or gain in value the best. Help! What would you buy?