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James Elliott
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To share your pictures on these forums, you need to do the following:

1) First set up a photo-hosting account. These are usually free of charge and some of the options include and

2) Upload your pictures to that hosting account. Most will then make it very easy to copy the URL of any particular picture.

3) Click the little picture of a tree above the comment box in the C&SC forums.

4) Insert the URL of your picture in the required field and click "insert".

5) Er, that's it (in theory).

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Can we use facebook to upload pictures James? I already have an account there and I think it would be easier if it is possible?

let me know

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jamiethomas wrote:

Can we use facebook to upload pictures James? I already have an account there and I think it would be easier if it is possible?

let me know

The problem you will have is the permissions, if your photos aren't set to allow everyone in the world, (even those who aren't on facebook) to see them then they won't show up on the page.

V-8 Woodie
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Photo Problem- The 'imagecave' hosting site that I use has been experiencing problems for a week or so, consequently all the (V-8 Woodie) photos  I have posted on this forum no longer appear so apologies for all the blank photo spaces now appearing on my posts. This problem is beyond my control but hopefully the hosting site will get it sorted and will resume as normal soon.

I should point out that the above problem is not the fault of the Classic and sports car website, however I would like to say  that posting photos directly onto this site without the need to use a hosting site seems a much better way forward, it would make posting photos a lot easier and would undoubtedly be more user friendly, something for the future perhaps!!  Thanks.

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There must be an easier way to post multople photos rather than copy and paste each link at a time. I'm not talking about hundereds of photos. but maybe 5 or 10 max...or websites/forums can do this...and it would be so much easier if we didn't have to go through a 3rd party website to load images...why not from our own desktop files?

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Jowett Javelin

You need to have compatibility view on in IE. This will then bring a box up when you click the tree symbol which will allow you to input the address of the picture and some text explaining it (the alt text) and allow you to define its size.

You can also link to an URL which will bring the picture or webpage up in a new window.

or this but you must put this line in when you have rich text disabled otherwise the < and > will be converted to symbols using '&lt;'

<p><img src=";g2_itemId=27189&amp;g2_serialNumber=2" alt="Jowett Javelin" width="640" height="480" /></p>Jowett Javelin

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Thanks very much Elliot. Been trying to brag about my new ride here and I didn't know how to post pictures lol lame. Cheers!

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