Importing a car from the Continent?

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Hi Guys,

Has anyone ever imported a car from the Continent? I'm looking for a '55 - '62 Citroen DS and as these models are getting pretty scarce in the UK. I've found a couple in France, Germany, etc. and wondered how hard and how much it would cost  import something and register it here in Blighty.





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I dont see why it would cost anything other than transport and swapping the plate over in the UK, as we are all in the Euro.  If you have paid taxes and registration in France etc it should be just driving it over here. You can drive on foreign plates for a while anyway, I think 6 months? before registering in the UK.  but it must be registered and insured in the other country I think.  check out this blog,  It might help.

Just google the question and maybe the DVLA has some info.

If you are going to get it with a trailer that would be even easier as otherwise you would need insurance for the road in both countries.

I am a Brit in California so its harder for me.

Hope it helps.



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Not sure it is as easy as it should be in the EU.  Buying a car and driving it across borders should be straightforward, but last I heard the registration requirements of each country were far from compatible.  I know there are some who understand how to get a car out of Italy for example, but it was a far from simple process - maybe things have got easier?  Registering an old car in France has limitations too, with some older ones being limited to use in the department they are registered in.  Maybe C&SC'S Jon Pressnell can clarify that?  Registering in the UK is I think a bit easier once the car is there, but check what papers are needed first.

Chris M.


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I imported a Volvo V70 about 10 years ago from NL to UK.  Not sure if all modern car requirements apply to classics but Uk law requires the speedo to read in mph, which European cars do not.  I had to replace my speedo - not cheap. Of course main beams will require adjustment before having the vehilce given an MOT prior to registration.  I think if you are resident and importing it is illegal to drive it on foreign plates.

As someone above has said there is all the help you need on the webor at DVLA.

A simple process really.  Hope this helps a bit

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Any more info on the registration? I am sure that the aproval could be very serious