Insurance "agreed value" for BMW E46 (316i Sport Compact 2000)

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Hi All,

I am considering moving my E46 (316i Sport Compact 2000) insurance to an "agreed value" policy.

Can anyone advise me what range of values I should be considering / negotiating for "agreed value" ?

Can I increase the "agreed value", for example by paying a higher insurance premium?  I am happy to pay a higher insurance premium.

How does "agreed value" relate to definition of "category C / D write off" ?

I originally paid £16,000 but that was more than thirteen years ago.  She has done approx 150,000 miles.  She is kept in a garage over night.  She is (currently) and has always been insured full-comprehensive through the AA (Automobile Association), but based on "market value" and not "agreed value".

Thank you for any advice,
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Normally with an agreed value in the first instance you'd approach your insurer.

When we do this with classic cars, we'll speak with the owner, look at photos, work done etc, and then in some cases speak with the owners club and look at market values to get an 'agreed value' based across multiple sources.

How do you have it insured?


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