Insurance "agreed value" for BMW E46 (316i Sport Compact 2000)

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Hi All,

I am considering moving my E46 (316i Sport Compact 2000) insurance to an "agreed value" policy.

Can anyone advise me what range of values I should be considering / negotiating for "agreed value" ?

Can I increase the "agreed value", for example by paying a higher insurance premium?  I am happy to pay a higher insurance premium.

How does "agreed value" relate to definition of "category C / D write off" ?

I originally paid £16,000 but that was more than thirteen years ago.  She has done approx 150,000 miles.  She is kept in a garage over night.  She is (currently) and has always been insured full-comprehensive through the AA (Automobile Association), but based on "market value" and not "agreed value".

Thank you for any advice,
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