Italian Job the best car movie ever?

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It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World? <ducks to avoid hail of missiles>

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One film that might be considered is "Never Let Go", a 1960 British film noir concerning a commercial traveller who has his Ford Anglia 105E stolen by a gang of car racketeers. Not only is this one of the best post-war crime flics, it also has Wolseley 6/90s aplenty and an absolutely terrifying performance from Peter Sellers as a sociopathic crime boss.

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I watched Italian Job for the first time the other day and I think that a lot
of admiration for the film is down to people feeling wistful and remembering that era fondly. As a movie I found it a bit silly (I know this is a
mutinous comment as an Englishman, forgive me), but I have to admit it has an
unforgettable ending, and I liked Sir Michael Caine's character. As a piece of cinema I respect that it has its place in the pantheon of classics.

Does Back to the Future count as a car movie? Because that's my Italian Job!



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Let's do this by country.

USA : Vanishing Point. No messing around

UK: Villain. Richard Burton in an S-Type, menacing as hell.

France: Bourne Identity. Good t  see a Mini showing the French how to do it.

Spain: The Last Run - George C Scott as the getaway driver in a BMW 503 Cabriolet

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Original Gone in 60 Seconds is good news, and the Herbie films are underrated...The Driver is also a good but slightly esoteric one.

One I have been desparate to get hold of is the French film Traffc, which I seem to emember seeing as a boy but haven't seen for years...

And I assume it isn't the Mark Wahlburg Italian Job that made it to the top of the list... 


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I have to say I agree with Johnmurrayhill about The Italian Job, it had some very evocative scenes like Rozzano Bratzi driving the Muira P400s to the tune of Matt Munros Clear Day but some awfully silly parts like benny Hill and the Big mama bus sequence, also that the car transporter the Villains Landrover ran into was full of mostly Farina BMCs(maybe all the Italians had traded in their Brit cars for the latest Fiat 124?). The Harrington coach didnt quite go over the top at the end but probably saved the day and maybe sorta became the ultimate cliff hanger?

I dared to say on an outing today on a  friend's boat that I really enjoyed the remake , so much less corny which was greeted by ridicule and muchos nostalgia about some of the supposedly old Classics films!

Maybe the yawn inducing Summer Holiday with Cliff and The Shads was a chase movie as the Rt double decker was being chased by a Squrebird Ford convertible by the Heroine's folks.

Saying one of my favourite films was Easy Rider didnt cut the mustard either, to try and retrieve the situation regarding past masters but then it was Music and Chopper hogs we had not seen the like of over here that sold it for me.

The other week in less clement weather, we sat in the cabin of friends boat watching a pirated copy on his laptop of Monte Carlo or Bust which I hadnt remebered it being so rib tickling good fun. The Mercedes driven by the actor who played Goldfinger earlier in the decade was actually a replica SSK based on an AC Cobra Chassis with a Fiat 2300 engine, 'nor a lorra people know that '

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Spot the Classics clear forgot the 2 Triumph Saints that joined in too

On the strength of watching a Mocumentary on Canvey Island Band Dr Feelgood(some Robbery futage on the DVD, as well as scenes from a lesser known flick Payroll) I bought Payroll with Hilman Minx Ragtop driving Michael Craig starring +a very young Tom Bell (later on in the Krays as Moggie Minor Traveller driving Jack the Hat, in this 1061 B feature, driving one of two Thames Trader trucks used in a security van heist and various other Classics(a  MK1 3.4 Jag gettaway car, Mk2 Highline Zodiac as well as a fast powerful sounding Lowline Consul speeding to the scene of the fatally botched robbery . An earlier Police Consul is viewed in various places that much later Krays Mum Billie Whitelaw pops up in, as well as a pre 1000' Minor.

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How about Dance with a Stranger.1985,starring Miranda Richardson playing the part of Ruth Ellis ,Rupert Everert,as David Blakely a 50`s

sports car racer who built his own car to enter for Le Mans.Some great cars including a Ford Zephyr MK1 convertible,Jaguar XK120,Standard

Vanguard Estate,Bedford CA split screen van,FX4 Taxi,Sunbeam Alpine(Talbot).

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Good one.

I remember rushing home from a hot and sweaty crowded NEC trying to get glimpses of the new then V12 XK220(which became the VR6 one)and the equally new but somewhat overlooked Aston Virage at least on that occassion, in order to see the wonderful film about Malcolm Campbell's Blubird

I think it may have been Robert hardy that played Campbell senior.

Anthony Hopkins speed king one apart from the equally wonderous fastest Indian was Across the Lake,which Alain DeCadenet excellent last months column feature outlined, how he got the job of making a replica twin boom planing hull, mock up Proteus Jet using a hidden outboard-(sounds like speed week at the Royal Harwich Yacht club)but if I dare say the Blue EType he mentioned Campbell turned up at Conniston in for that fateful run, in early 1967 was actually his wife Tania's, he commondered as his own Ferrari was playing up-according to her book, a wonderful present he surprised her with after the Triumph Herald he gave her after passing her test was replaced by the ice blue beauty.

Then there was Rowan Atkinsons portrail of Bentley Boy Tim Burkin-this theme can run and run... 

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Back To The Future is an ace suggestion Johnmurrayhill. Not sure if it qualifies as a classic 'car' movie, but it is definately one of my favourties from younger days...