Italian Job the best car movie ever?

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The New Avengers starring Patrick Mc Nee as John Steed Gareth Hunt (now deceased) Gambit and Joanna Lumley Purdie.Great piece of car

action and driving skills between Gambit in his Jaguar XJS and a Aston Matin DBS.The title The Midas Touch 1976 available on DVD


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How can anyone of omitted these beuts, in no particular order:

Genevieve; The Professionals (i know it wasn't a film, but it's late...); Monty Carlo or Bust; Regeneration; Hot Fuzz; Chitty Chitty Bang Bang; The Untouchables... erm...erm... I did say it was late.

GreaseMonkey (not verified)

Ok, of the above;

Thelma was only good because I like Thunderbirds, otherwise not really a car movie.

Grand Prix, Le Mans, Genevieve and Two Lane Blacktop all obviously good movies where cars play a major part.

American Grafitti one of the all-time greats, and I read a while back that it was the all-time most successful film in terms of return on it's original budget, it was made on the cheap and earned enough to set up George Lucas for a future of Star Wars.

Someone mentioned Traffic with Jaques Tati, that is still a gem, lots of cars, lots of gags. Our hero has created a camper van on a Renault 4 Fourgon and drives it to Amsterdam to show it at the Motor Show, with some crazy adventures along the way. Also look out for Tati's movie 'Mon Oncle' which is a satire on modernity (fifties style) and features long queues of the biggest brightest shiniest American cars of the era, with typical of the era two-tome paint jobs and chrome, all the more to show up our impoverished hero and his moped. Both should be available on vid.

As for the Blue Lamp; was that the one that starred Dirk Bogarde and launched Dixon Of Dock Green as a TV spin-off? If so I seem to remember a Carlton bodied '39 Buick getting driven into a brick wall.

The Great Gatsby had some great cars in it, as did Chinatown, but these were props secondary to the plot.

Finally, most Laurel and Hardy films have some Model Ts chugging around and a few have some very clever stunts too.

All time car movie turkey?

That must be Days Of Thunder, not even the usually brilliant Robert Duvall could save that one.

Chris Martin


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Hold on. Is this thread about classic Car movies, or movies that just feature classic cars??

If the latter, then anything prior to 1985 should suffice. 'Nuff said...

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jagnut12 wrote:

How about Dance with a Stranger.1985,starring Miranda Richardson playing the part of Ruth Ellis ,Rupert Everert,as David Blakely a 50`s

sports car racer who built his own car to enter for Le Mans.Some great cars including a Ford Zephyr MK1 convertible,Jaguar XK120,Standard

Vanguard Estate,Bedford CA split screen van,FX4 Taxi,Sunbeam Alpine(Talbot).

Agree, Dance with a Stranger is one of the best films for XK120 fans.
There is another one for XK150 lovers, Play Misty for Me (Clint Eastwood, 1971).
A new film Fiat 500 fans shouldn't miss, The Rum Diary, in which Austin Ealey 3000 and early Chevrolet Corvette play parts too.


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Paul O Niell

 I bought a  Jaques Tati DVD Box last year,that included Traffic!! If you cant find it,try,they had it last year.

Totally outrageous movie!! There is a crash scene at a 4way crossing,a Citroen DS gets rearended and sets of on its

front wheels:)




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There is a early Martin Sheene film called,i believe,"The california kid" in which he drives a "Hiboy"


That is a very good driving movie.

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A few to add:

I would add Le Casse to the list, Fiat :) :

Winnig Paul newman

One worth a view for the chase, THX 1138, but not a car movie (Lola T70 I think)

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I agree with some of the comments saying that The Italian Job is not a great film but some of the scenes are fantastic. I've been lucky enough to drive some nice cars in lovely scenery and the opening of the Muira driving through the Italian countryside has often come to mind. 

A film doesn't have to be good to be enjoyable and TIJ is certainly fun.

Another opening scene I love is Le Mans.

Lets not forget there were plenty of crap TV series with great cars. The Saint is worth watching for those lovely Volvos alone. Ive noticed that Marcos appeared in The Saint a lot as well. 

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Not exactly a car movie, but legendary British secret agent George Smiley quotes an Alvis as the best car of England.
He uses, however, a trustful Citroën DS 23.
The blue pale Alvis is driven by a boy, but when Gary Oldman Smiley opens the DS's window allowing the bee to escape, spectators can breath again.
Thinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Tomas Alfredson, 2011)