Italian Job the best car movie ever?

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Mario Laguna wrote:

Not exactly a car movie, but legendary British secret agent George Smiley quotes an Alvis as the best car of England.
He uses, however, a trustful Citroën DS 23.
The blue pale Alvis is driven by a boy, but when Gary Oldman Smiley opens the DS's window allowing the bee to escape, spectators can breath again.
Thinker Tailor Soldier Spy (Tomas Alfredson, 2011)

Two cool cars Mario, but there are two strains to this thread now - what makes a real CAR MOVIE rather than a movie with some good cars in it. I can think of many movies with great cars in, often just used as period props, for example Chinatown, Bonnie and Clyde and The Great Gatsby for pre-war American fare, or any old film for that matter where there are cars of the time the film was shot. Then there are movies about cars, like Duel and Christine, Genevieve and The Yellow Rolls Royce, but very few where cars an important part of the story as well as props. In which case I nominate American Graffiti over The Italian Job. One of the worst I saw recently was Easy Virtue starring Colin Firth in a tale based on a Noel Coward story (did you get the Italian Job connection again?) about spoiled toffs in a big country estate at the time of, or shortly after, the Wall Street crash. So they lose their family fortune in the following depression, around 1929 or 1930 The film starts with newsreel footage of the 1929 or 1930 Monaco Grand Prix. So why does the heroine roll up in a BMW 328? Is she a time traveller from the future?