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Ok, this is a bit of a long-shot request but let's see who is out there. I am trying to find out as much as possible about the late John Britten's racing exploits in his Spridget SS1800 in the late sixties Modsports series as well as the sister car raced by Gabriel Konig. Also, does anyone remember the matching pair of MG Midget pick-ups he built to tow the two racers, and what was their fate? Do either survive? I know Shaun Rainford has built a replica of the original Lenham bodied SS1800 and I believe John's daughter inherited ti SS1800 registration number, but do any of the racers survive?

I am not a member of any MG club, but does anyone know how I can get a copy of the January 2010 Safety Fast magazine which has a report on JB by John Baggott?

Finally, can anyone tell me which book about MGs or Spridgets has the black and white photo of the MG Midget pick-up in a field. I am one of the two young kids standing behind and would like a copy. Somebody showed me this book back in the nineties, but I can't remember the title or author and the only similar book I have is Spridgets by Chris Harvey which I bought because I thought it was in that but it isn't.

This post is a specific request for specific information, so I would prefer if we did not get unrelated tales about how 'your mate once raced an MGB' etc, etc. If there is a story in that please start a fresh thread.

However, any info or photos specific to John Britten's Spridgets or his MG Midget pick-ups would be gratefully received.

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These are Sprites at an Oulton Park event

I have no idea if the orange Spriget was/is an Arkley Garages based car.

 I do not remember the Midget1800SS (Just the Arkley SS kits)

but then I was at sea around that time and got a bit out of touch

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Thanks to a source elsewhere, I found out a bit more about this story. And yes, that Arkley SS would have used the registration SS1800 in the seventies. I believe John Britten used it on his road cars after he stopped racing. Whether that one is based on the original SS1800 Midget or not, I don't know, but he did modify and race the famous orange Midget with Arkley front and rear panels before he retired. Peter May, somewhere in Birmingham still produces Arkley kits and he did race an Arkley in ModSports (or something similar) based on the old SS1800 Midget, so maybe that is the same one. I am not sure how many original parts survive, but Shaun Rainford has recently built a racing replica of the early Lenham fronted SS1800 which is doing the old legend proud in historic meetings.

Elsewhere, a Google search showed Gabriel Konig, long since retired form racing is over in Ireland looking after the old family country house and showing tourists around.

Chris Alford, one time Britten sales person, later known for his own Sussex based second hand race car business is now working with Sussex Sports Cars.

Ollie Ball? Anyone know? He was the mechanic responsible for all the hard work, where is he now?