Looking for Austin Healey 3000 to hire

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Hello all,

I have come to this forum as I am seeking a Austin Healey 3000 to hire for a very special few days, I have been searching the Internet for quite some time and it is proving very difficult to find one. We have both fallen in love with this car, the light blue and cream is fantastic. We live in Hertfordshire and will be using the car in that area and over towards Essex. We would want the car at the end of May 2014. 


Any help would be really appreciated, from some of the forum I have been through, you guys seem to have a good grasp on all cars classic.


Thank you

Neil in NY
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Check out Tom Merrygold's Classic Car Hire World. It's a great resource for classic car hire.  There doesn't seem to be any Austin Healey's exactly in your target area, but there are a few not a million miles away: http://bit.ly/1e7x0Pp If you scroll down that page a little there's a section showing AHs available in England.  There's also a map tool on the site, if you want to search by location rather than model.

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Not in your area, but if you fancy going to Shropshire there is a blue/cream Healey there for hire.  It's actually a 1990's version, produced with the help of the Healey family.

The chap who runs Great Escapes is a proper car enthusiast.


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Try Tony Merrgold at The Open Road.  He has a dark blue 3000 for hire, based near Stratford-upon-Avon.