Lotus Elan 'Shooting Brake'

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Chris Martin
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MAIJING wrote:

 I seem to recall that these two, rather attractive, variants were made by Shapecraft.  However old age may have blunted the memory!

The old C&SC story and other reports claimed that Hexagon actually made them implying it was done in-house. As I worked for Hexagon a few years after these were made I can certainly say they would have had the staff and facilities to do such work.

 I think I was there around '75 to '77 in the bodyshop, which was in Kentish Town down the hill from the Highgate HQ. At that time we were mainly playing catch up with warranty rust repairs on Alfasuds, but I do remember some pretty impressive jobs going through there too, a Maserati 250F restoration, a Wood & Pickett style Mini rebuild and various Aston Martins and the like. I also had a hand in a re-shell of a crashed Reliant Scimitar GTE and was impressed how easily the whole shell lifts off the chassis when all the electrics are disconnected.

Anyone on here a member of Club Lotus? Surely they would know more.

Chris M.


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I saw a very nice Aston Martin DBS estate car on the Wirral recently.

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Hi redranch,

I was at Morges as well and took some photos of the car as well. We had driven down from the UK in a white MGBGT, parked near the Elan (we normally come down in our Yellow and White Sprint but decided to give her a 'rest' last year.

The 'Elanbulance' was originally owned by Malcolm Ricketts and sold by Paul Matty on his behalf a couple of years ago. It's was for sale again recently (since Morges). As far as I am aware it's one of two cars made by Hexagon, the other car is in Norway or Sweden.

Hope that helps