Massive collection of Classic car magazines 280+ magazines

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I have over 250 classic and sports car magazines and over 50 other classic car magazines.

I am looking to sell these, however i am struggleing to find places to sell them.

if anyone is interested or knows anything about selling them, please contact me or reply on here



Chris Martin
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Rachel, much as I value my collection as a useful library for research, I suspect the market for old magazines is very limited.

You have three choices, none of which are likely to make you the next Richard Branson:

1 - Swap meets, autojumbles or even car boot sales, maybe a couple of quid each at best, more likely 50p, but a lot of hard work lifting and carrying etc for little reward.

2 - The trade, car book specialists and second hand book shops would only give you a few pence at best per mag' as they know they will take a lot of space and some time to get any sales to recoup cost and then maybe profit.

3 - eBay, and that will require patience.  Yes you may reach your target market if you word your description well, but even then they will only sell for a pound or two each as postage knocks hell out of any potential value for the buyer.  With eBay, you need to go by what has sold, NOT what someone is asking for something that is still for sale.

If however you just want them gone and make some space, why not donate to the charity shop of your choice.

Chris M.


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just wondered if you still have the magazines?