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dave phillips
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I am looking to buy for the first time and have a budget of £4500. Cannot decide between late model MGB roadster or TR7 convertible. Any help / advice  would be appreciated

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Despite a history of MG ownership, I have pondered the same question and have decided, all other things being equal, that the MGs better spare parts supply was a deciding factor. In 1980 I was interested in buying a Triumph TR7 and was very impressed by the test drive but quality concerns overcame my enthusiasm. By now, an TR you buy should be well sorted but I still think the MGB is the way to go.


James Elliott
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I owned a TR7 and thought it a vastly underrated car. It still has just about the best driving position of any car I've ever driven and with the Rover five-speed 'box it was much better than the four-speeder. I also think that they look kind of cool and distinctive on the roads today, a real treat when you see one. That rarity will never grace an MGB, but lots of other things do: handling (compared with a 7), rugged simplicity, reliability and, most importantly, parts supply. I am guessing, but I suspect that the MGB is by far the most common classic car used as a daily driver, and with good reason. If it's a first classic, it's very very hard to look beyond the B: it is such a practical, friendly thing that is also easy to work on. The only consideration, is that prices have been on the up of late and on your budget you will get a far better TR7 than you will an MGB.

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My late father owned a fine TR7 and while I always enjoyed the retro wedge shape of the car (and I concur with James Elliott on the driving position), the 2.0l engine always seemed gutless. Though if you are looking at the V8, then that should be a whole different story...

Valve Bounce
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A TR7 sounds like a good idea to me. I was having a look at TR numbers on the other day.

TR7s are getting really quite rare; from around 2000 registered in 1994 down to 350 ish now (about the same as the TR5).

It must be time for a comeback...