Monaco Historic Racing

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Jasper Gilder
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Some of us are going to Monaco for the May Historics via a novel route. Ferry to Santander and then through the Pyrenees, Languedoc and Provence to Nice where we'll train into Monaco. We're coming home over the Millau bridge and up to Calais with some nice stops.

We reckon it will be a great time - and keep the fuel bill down a bit too! Monaco is a bit anachronistic for F1 these days - but great for Historics so it should be really good! See the event details here it really is amazing and much more sane than the Grand Prix weekend, you can move around the circuit and see some great racing.

The tour is being run by my business so the C&SC people tell me I am not allowed to advertise or mention it here, but if you want to join us and visit this brilliant event in your classic - we know there are plenty of people who would like to go to the Grand Prix Historique de Monaco but are put off by the lack of an organised tour - do send me a message through these boards.