Money movers

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Due to some spurios connection with Crayford mercs, a lady matriach at a firm called RTS, I think, had said she was intersted in one, but nothing came of it, perhaps as to not quite believing a mere CIT security fellow could make such a link, and my relative actually offered commission.

It reminded me of those days when after Burns Security sold out their money division to Main Nicholas,called it Armaguard UK wise and wanted a Soth of Watford operation to expand into the South East,we had to endure 3 ton titanium lined bodied Vans on 1700 V4 Transit chassis, with the aded bonus of automatic transmissions. Hot wasnt in it/ so RTS were offering mates rates air con units. They did add some fans to the later engined short wheelbase Mk2 vans that went like sportscars in comparison.

There was a film out called money Movers (I think 1979, but I only ever saw it later on TV,and it was just like our UK Branch. The vans however, Bedford? were less well built as Bryan? bloke in Cocktail, and a team of insiders built a doppleganger one and then substited it for the real thing(which hero Ed Deveraux got wind of)

Having had a hit or two ourselves in real life(I got out and went to work as a factory machine operator-till made redundant so maybe saw money movers during that period), either way it struck a chord and some of those fictional characters were so very recognisable-a far more intriguing realistic effort than Payrol, but I had to buy that after it was used in backgrounds to Dr Feelgood's Oil City Confidential, and hence another round Robin= spurious link.

Any interesting films with old cars bikes and such, especially heist ones?