No bigger than a D-Type Jag

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harris speedster
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Gentleman, If possible, I could use some help with this continuing story about this Man and Machine. The 1935 Harris fwd Speedster is no bigger, higher or heavier than a D-Type Jag or a early Ferrari TR. The Speedster was built decades before the above!   A national magazine article here in the states brought forth that this Speedster was featured in two, and possibly three national magazine articles in Europe. Era could have been from 1936 thru 1939, followed by 1949 thru 1957.   If you are a magazine collector could you please browse your issues for this man and machine? If you know of someone that is into historical work and has a library as such, please link this to them as they may know.    After 24 years of research, we are trying to wind down and finish our searches to open this web site link below in hopes that other archivists and historians in automobiles and racing will assist in completeing the histories of both. This link is the site which is not open, yes we believe that to be Marylin Monroe, we hope the other pictures there assist you visually in finding the European magazines.   Here is a link to Hemmings from a story they just refreshed, from 1989. Further pictures display the Speedster and Ben for ID purposes;   Here is another link with more pictures for further ID purposes. These guys at autopuzzles are from around the world, thier archivists and historians have been gracious in their help. The story is about 1/5th of the material we have, please click the links at the bottom of this rough and incomplete story for better pictures of Ben and race tracks he sanctioned in and officiated at. Ben ran with Kimberly, Wacky Arnolt, Harley Earl, Gordon Buerhig, Cunningham, Duesenbergs and on and on. Ben was an infant builder of the SCCA with four National Title positions. Ben and Kimberly were also given the first ever SCCA life time metal cards for thier work, and were featured in Sports illustrated first edition for racing coverage>>  much much more.   Do so hope that someone can be of help with the European magazines, or with any any other information that may pop up. Feel free to contact me at;
or herein Classic and Sports car. With respect and warmest regards, John

Home of the exotic 1935 Harris fwd speedster

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I have been following this forum for ages, and just decided to register as at last someone has posted something exciting.

The story of the Harris Speedster is interesting and I have spent the last couple of weeks Googling and researching what I could find out and it seems you lucked into a piece of automotive history. I also have that old SIA feature from 1989, but thought that was the end of it.

Keep us informed of progress but if the editorial staff are reading this I would suggest it is the first find on here that would deserve following up for a full feature in the magazine.

How about it?

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The increase in length may be due to new pedestrian safety laws that the XF incorporates.

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JamesWaddell wrote:

The increase in length may be due to new pedestrian safety laws that the XF incorporates.

Eh? Started off like one of those 'big organ' spams, but then loses the plot. What has that got to do with anything?

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Interesting photographs, I am certain that you will very quickly
assisted with an identification. I know of several regular contributors
who will be able to help. However I would be very interested in the
frame, engine and gearbox numbers so that we can fit the bike into the
London Douglas machine register, all info on the overhead valve
Douggies helps expand or fill gaps in our information. We may even have
details of some of its history!
I am in regular touch with Len Boydell our present registrar and I know he will be interested in the bike.