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Valve Bounce
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Any old car blog readers out there? I’ve been keeping my eyes open looking for interesting blogs for a few years, and I’ve tried myself with varying results. There are so many different perspectives on the old car game, you’ve got to really search around to find something you like… it’s the one bloke in a shed reports that I go for.

Here’s a selection of my favourites, if you’ve seen any good ones recently let us know…

Bringatrailer - Scans the classifieds for anything old and interesting
Fosilesmecanicos - Brilliant mechanical relics from Argentina
Build-threads - Projects and DIY tips
Ferraricraft - The trials and tribulations of maintaining Old Ferraris
Historic Engine Co. - Building old engines
Hooniverse - US car culture on the fringe
Jizzle - The wonderful world of slamming
Loxlee-Loves-Engines - Engines wheels and metal
Lowtech - US hot rods and customs
Lucky8pinstriping - Just pinstriping
Ralfbecker - High class cars and high art
Stefans Sketch Blog - Brilliant car sketches; vintage and hot rod
Vonskip - Hot rods and rat rods

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Some of those are new to me VB, I'll go and have a look. Thanks.

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Here are a couple of other links to add to the list:





...and one for those of you that speak French